Campus Parking


Parking Enforcement

Who needs a parking permit?

All students, faculty and staff who park a vehicle on campus or any designated IU meeting facility must display a valid IU parking permit.


Permits are registered to the individual and not to the vehicle. Individuals can register up to 5 vehicles. Permits are to hang from the rear view mirror and hang facing the windshield (outward).

Student Permits

IU East students, who park vehicles on campus must purchase and display a valid parking permit.   The cost of a student permit for the academic year 2021/2022 will be $39.58 per semester. Permits are purchased by using the IU Parking Portal starting August 1st. Permits will be mailed to you at the address on file. Please print your receipt to be used as a temporary permit until you receive your hang tag in the mail.

Students FY22 Fee Rate
Fall/Spring per Semester $39.58

Faculty/Staff Permits

These permits are valid for 4 years and may be paid for by payroll deduction, cash or check.

Please note if you’re a current employee with payroll deduction there is nothing to do for the next fiscal year.

Parking fee rate changes for employees are effective on July 1st of each year

Permits are purchased by using the IU Parking Portal.

Permits will be mailed to you at the address on file in 3-5 business days. Please print your receipt from the IU Parking Portal to be used as a temporary permit until you receive your hang tag in the mail

Faculty/Staff permits are valid on all IU campuses.

Faculty / Staff per Year FY22 Fee Rate
Below $35,000 $96.90
$35,000 - $59,999 $124.44
$60,000 - $99,999 $151.98
$100,000 and above $179.52
Part-time Employees FY22 Fee Rate
Adjunct Faculty per semester Fall/Spring $40.80
Hourly Employee per semester Fall/Spring $40.80
Adjunct Faculty per semester Summer $16.32
Hourly Employee per semester Summer $16.32

Accessible Parking and Permits

Indiana University East is in compliance with all federal and state ADA laws concerning accessible parking.

Accessible parking areas are located in Tom Raper and Whitewater parking lots, at the rear of Hayes Hall and near the main entrance to Springwood Hall. In addition, accessible spaces for visitors are provided on Whitewater Circle Drive. These parking spaces are designated for 2 hour parking only.

Faculty, staff, and students possessing an official state issued accessible parking plate/placard must also obtain an IU accessible parking permit. Faculty and staff can do so through the IU Parking Portal. Students requesting a accessible parking permit for the semester must do so through the Office of Accessibility Services in Springwood Hall room 202.

Whitewater Circle Drive

Whitewater Circle Drive is a restricted parking area. The circle drive has visitor accessible parking, these spaces are limited to a 2 hour parking time limit.

Richmond (Rose View Transit) buses pick up and drop off passengers at this location. A detailed schedule is available at the switchboard. (Whitewater Hall 101)

Temporary Accessible Parking Permits

All requests for temporary accessible parking permits must be directed to the Human Resources Department. IU accessible permits are valid only on IU property and when the disabled person occupies the vehicle.

Motorcycle Permits

Motorcycle permits (stickers) are $5.00 with a regular purchased permit and can be purchased at the Bursar office.

Mopeds / Bicycles

Bicycles do not require a permit. Do not ride on sidewalks. Sidewalks are restricted to pedestrian traffic.

Bicycle racks are located at the front entrance to Whitewater and Tom Raper Hall. A rack for Springwood Hall is located on the circle at the north end of Springwood Hall. Mopeds and bicycles are not to be chained to any post, tree or building on campus. Violators are subject to arrest and their vehicle impounded by the IUEPD.

Mopeds are not to be parked within 25 feet of any building, use designated motorcycle parking or a parking space if motorcycle parking is full.

Enforcement Policy

Moving violations, as well as parking violations, are enforced at all times in a fair and impartial manner. Parking in restricted areas, loading zones, yellow curb, off pavement or on the grass is prohibited. Vehicles must be parked in the provided space-one space/one vehicle, no overlapping. General parking is permitted in Whitewater, Tom Raper and Springwood Hall parking lots. Accessible and 30 minute parking is permitted at the rear of Hayes Hall, no general parking is provided in this lot.

Violations and Fines

Citations will be issued for the following violations

  • Licensing and registration violations
  • Moving violations
  • Unauthorized accessible parking
  • Blocking fire hydrants
  • Parking by yellow curbs
  • Double parking or occupying more than one space
  • Improper Display/No Permit Displayed
  • Expired permits
  • Blocking drives
  • Littering
  • Loading Zone violations

Violations are subject to Campus Regulations and State Citations and towing.

Violation/Fine Schedule

  • Moving Violation - Campus Citation -- $50.00 each occurrence
  • Non-moving (ie Parking) Violation - $20.00 each occurrence
  • Illegally parked in handicap space - $50.00 each occurrence
  • Littering - $25.00 each occurrence
  • Expired Permit - $25.00 each occurence

Payment for Violations

You can pay a parking citation online via the IU Parking Portal or in person at the IU Bursar window by cash or check. Citations issued to students that are not paid within 14 days will automatically be forwarded tot he Office of the Bursar for collection.

Appeal Process

Citations may be appealed through the IU Parking Portal. Parking citation appeals may be submitted online through the IU Parking Portal within 14 days of the date of the citation being issued.

30 minute Parking

Indiana University East has a limited number of designated 30 minute parking spaces. Visitors may park in Whitewater, Tom Raper, Springwood, and Hayes lots. Handicap parking is located in all parking lots.

Persons in violation are subject to State citation and towing. Visitors with a disability license plate or placard may park in accessible parking spaces.