Alumni Spotlight: Zach Marple

No matter where Zach Marple attended college, he kept arriving at the same conclusion.

"School was boring to me," Marple said. "It was one of those things where I couldn't find a program that I really enjoyed."

It wasn't for lack of trying. Marple, now 26, attended colleges with engineering programs in Indiana and Kentucky, but never was satisfied by the experience. As he struggled, his friends started passing him by.

"A lot of my friends were graduating and started to get jobs," he said. "I just had to get out of school."

Meanwhile, back home in Lawrenceburg, Marple heard about a degree completion program offered at Ivy Tech Community College's riverfront campus, which houses programming from Ivy Tech and Indiana University East.

"I heard about this IU program, and talked to some people who had been through it," Marple said. "I learned about how it was set up, and I thought it sounded like something I really would like.

"I went back to Ivy Tech to get the prerequisites I needed," he said. "From there, I entered into the IU program, and a year later I was finished."

Marple said staff at the campus kept him on a fast track to graduation, a relief after years of struggling to find a perfect fit. Several classes also transferred from the previous institutions he attended.

"I met with my advisor at Ivy Tech," he said. "They worked very, very closely with the IU program. They spelled out exactly what I needed, when to take the classes, and how to get there the quickest."

Marple needed just two years to complete his undergraduate work in Lawrenceburg. He graduated from IU in August 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

"Every single class just flew by," he said. "Just the way they present the courses, it was really hands-on and they engage you. Everybody loved it."

Today, Marple works in Cincinnati, Ohio, as an accounts receivable analyst with Proctor & Gamble, a Fortune 500 multinational corporation that manufacturers a wide range of consumer goods.

Staff at Lawrenceburg, Marple says, helped him make connections that were instrumental in landing the job. That included having the opportunity to meet with a recruiter from the company who visited the campus.

"Without IU, none of this would have been possible," he said.

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