Campus Police

Safety at IU East

Reporting a Crime

Indiana University East provides several ways in which to report a crime or problem. All persons can report a crime directly to the IUEPD at 765-973-8429. All crimes in progress, suspicious persons to safety matters should be reported. If the problem is not a public safety matter or within the jurisdiction of the IUEPD, it will be referred to the proper agency. What happened, what to report to IUEPD If you observe a crime in progress or behavior which you suspect is criminal, immediately notify IUEPD. Report as much information as possible.

  1. Activity
  2. Person's description: height, weight, sex, clothing, weapons
  3. Location
  4. Direction of Travel
  5. Vehicle CYMBALL
    • Color (eg. black over red)
    • Year (eg. late model 2007)
    • Make (eg. Ford, Dodge, etc)
    • Body (eg. 2 door, 4 door)
    • And
    • License (eg. 89 Z1234 or personalized plate)
    • Location (eg. Whitewater lot)

Do NOT approach or attempt to apprehend the person(s) involved

Stay on the telephone with the Police/operator and provide additional information as changes in the situation occurs, until the first police officer arrives.


An emergency is defined as: adj: made necessary by sudden occurrences demanding immediate remedy. A sudden unforeseen crisis (usually involving danger) that requires immediate action.

Emergencies that may occur at IU East may be medical, weather, criminal activity or traffic related problems. Officers are equipped and trained to handle emergency situations. Officers have contact with other local police agencies, fire and ambulance units.

To report an emergency, you may do so by contacting the IUEPD office at 765-973-8429. You may also reach the officers by cell phone at 765-960-6803.

For assistance on the parking lots, use the call boxes.

Call Boxes

Emergency call boxes are located in each parking lot. They are identified by a blue light which burns continuously directly above the call box. The boxes are to be used for emergency or general assistance from the IUEPD.

To operate the call box: Easy to follow directions are on each box. When the call box button is pressed, you will be connected directly with IUEPD dispatchers.

Remain at the call box until the officer arrives unless there is an emergency that requires you to leave the area.

Call boxes are monitored by IUEPD Dispatch 24/7, 365 days a year.

Police Assistance - After Hours

Many persons use the IU East campus after normal business hours, to do work or for recreation, walking, and jogging.

If you need emergency Police assistance after hours, dial 765-973-8429 to reach IUEPD dispatch. The dispatcher will assist you with your need and connect you with Wayne County Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

For Non-emergency requests you may contact the following agencies.

  • Richmond Police Department: 765-983-7247
  • Wayne County Sheriff's Office: 765-973-9393
  • Indiana State Police: 765-966-6741

Protective Orders

Indiana Code (34-26-5-1) establishes the basis for protective orders in Indiana. Protective orders are construed to promote the:

  • protection and safety of all victims of domestic or family violence in a fair, prompt, and effective manner; and
  • prevention of future domestic and family violence. All emergency and protective orders are to be on file with the IUEPD, who actively enforces these court orders. This will ensure that all persons have a safe environment in which to work and learn.

Weapons Possession on Campus

The unapproved possession, use or sale of firearms, ammunition, fireworks, major or minor explosives or any lethal weapons on the IU East campus is forbidden and subject to university discipline as well as criminal sanctions. Handgun permits issued by the State of Indiana are not valid on IU properties.

Alcohol / Drugs on Campus

Indiana University East complies with federal, state, and local laws, including those, which regulate the possession, use and sale of alcoholic beverages and controlled substances. Under the IU East Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct, the following behavior is prohibited on the IU East campus and at university sponsored activities:

  • Use or possession of alcoholic beverages on university property or in the course of a university activity or student organization activity, unless specifically approved for such purpose by the Chancellor of this campus.
  • Providing alcoholic beverages to individuals under 21 years of age or possession of alcoholic beverages by individuals under 21 years of age.
  • Use or possession of any drug or controlled substance, or of drug paraphernalia, on university property or in the course of a university activity or student organization activity contrary to law.
  • Use of university facilities to manufacture, possess or distribute any drug or controlled substance contrary to law.
  • This policy covers all students enrolled at IU East, regardless of number of hours enrolled.

The Student Code of Ethics Handbook details offenses and disciplinary policies for students. Sanctions under university procedures include probation, suspension and dismissal from the institution.

Indiana University East also assists its members in finding alternatives to alcohol and drug use for social interaction and stress reduction. Indiana University East offers, through the Center for Health Promotion, individual assessment and referral to resources on and off campus. In addition to these services, psychological and domestic counseling and referral is offered. For more information read about student assistance.