Transferring to IU East from another IU campus

If you would like to transfer here from another IU campus or just take a few classes here, we make it easy with an intercampus transfer.

Before you initiate a transfer, meet with your academic advisor to discuss how degree and enrollment requirements vary between IU campuses and programs.

There are two ways to transfer:

Visiting intercampus transfer

If you want to take classes here for a semester or two, but do not plan to graduate here, you’ll want to apply for a visiting intercampus transfer.

Meet with your advisor to make sure any classes you take meet your home campus degree requirements.

Permanent intercampus transfer

If you plan to complete your degree requirements and graduate here, you’ll want to apply for a permanent intercampus transfer. 

Meet with your advisor to discuss your academic progress and how to make the most of your transfer.

The IU East application period opened on October 1, 2019. Here are the deadlines for submitting the intercampus transfer application:

SemesterDeadline for a permanent transferDeadline for a visiting transfer
Spring 202001/08/202001/17/2020
Summer I 202005/13/202005/22/2020
Summer II 202005/13/202007/10/2020

IU students approved for a visiting intercampus transfer are responsible for any and all tuition and fees associated with class registration at IU East. 

Please note that credit hours taken at IU East as a visiting intercampus transfer student will be charged at the per credit hour rate and will not count in the banded tuition at your home campus.

Distance education rates apply to students who are in approved distance education programs only.

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Transferring to IU East from outside of the IU system

Learn how to apply and how your credits will transfer to IU East.

Transfer to IU East from outside IU

Transferring to another IU campus from IU East

If you would like to transfer to or take classes at a different IU campus, you'll also complete an intercampus transfer. Look for intercampus transfer information on the website of the campus you intend to transfer to for their deadlines and requirements.