Emergency Resources and Funding

Submit your request online

Before completing this application request for emergency funds, please consider the following statements:

  • I am currently an IU East degree-seeking student. Please note you may only receive financial assistance from the IU campus where you are pursuing your degree.
  • I am certain that I have used all my available scholarships, grants, and loan funds for the semester.
  • I am aware these emergency funds are for unexpected or crisis situations and not regular monthly expenses.

FAQs about funding

Funding will be posted through Financial Aid and routed through to the Bursar who will then issue a refund as either a paper check or direct deposit. If you have not previously signed up for direct deposit, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible.

Online and graduate students are not excluded from consideration and may submit a request for funding. A variety of factors may affect the eligibility and amount of funding available.

Amounts will vary based on the specific student need. Also, some approvals may not be financial in nature but resource based.