Calculate your GPA

Want to know your grade point average?

Your GPA is available in the Student Center, and will be updated after final grades have been reported. But if you just can't wait, you can calculate your expected GPA before semester grades are officially released.

All you need is:

  • The number of classes you're taking this semester
  • The number of credits each class is worth
  • The letter grade you're expecting to get in each class
  • The number of points that correspond to each letter grade

First, calculate your semester GPA

Total course grade points ÷ total credit hours = Semester GPA

To calculate your grade points, find the point value of your projected grade and multiply it by the number of credit hours the course is worth.

Example grade point calculation
CourseCredit hoursProjected grade (point value)Grade points
CHEM-N 100


A- (3.7)


CJUS-P 200


A (4.0)


CJUS-P 330


B+ (3.3)


ENG-L 204


A+ (4.0)


SPCH-S 121


C (2.0)


Semester Total




So, to calculate the example semester GPA:

54.7 (semester grade points) ÷ 16 (semester credit hours) = 3.42 (semester GPA)

Then, calculate your projected overall GPA

  1. Find your current cumulative grade points in the Student Center; add them to the semester's grade points for your total cumulative grade points.
  2. Find your current cumulative credit hours in the Student Center; add them to the semester's total credit hours for your total cumulative credit hours.

Then just plug in the numbers to determine your projected overall GPA.

Cumulative grade points ÷ cumulative credit hours = Overall GPA

How your degree GPA compares to your university GPA

Your school’s office of the dean or recorder maintains your GPA as it applies to your degree requirements and graduation. It may be different from your IU GPA, which is calculated according to standard university-wide rules. If you have questions about your degree GPA, check with your advisor.