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Dropping and/or Adding Classes

The procedure for dropping and/or adding classes varies depending on when you drop or add.  Costs, procedures, and consequences vary so please read carefully below.  There are three schedule adjustment time periods:

I.  Through the first week of classes

Drop or Add Classes - through the first week of classes

  1. During the first week of classes (i.e., late registration), students may make class schedule changes, via their One.IU ~ Student Center
  2. Students may continue to register for classes, adjust their class schedule (i.e., drops, adds, section changes), or totally withdraw from all classes, via their One.IU ~ Student Center
  3. Students do not need any forms or signatures to drop or add courses during the first week of classes.
  4. Courses dropped during the first week of classes do not appear on the student's transcript.

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II.  Second week of classes, through end of the auto-W timeframe

Late Drop / Add Classes - AFTER the first week of classes

Students may drop some or all of their courses via One.IU ~ Student Center.
Students do not need any forms or signatures to drop courses during this timeframe.
Courses dropped during this timeframe receive a "W" grade and are recorded on the student's transcript.

Go to One.IU and use eDROP to drop a class
  1. Log into One.IU.
  2. Type "drop" in the search bar and press enter key.
    • Select "Late Drop / Add Classes after 1st week of classes" from drop-down options.
    • Click Start.
  3. The Initiate eDrop/eAdd Request page is displayed.
  4. Click on Drop Only.
  5. Click the checkbox next to the class you would like to drop.
    • Note that the net credit hour total is reflected.
    • Note that the date used for processing the drop will be the date the request is submitted.
    • You will be asked to confirm the requested drop.
  6. If the course selected is correct, click "continue."
  7. If you selected a class that could result in a W or F grade, you will see a pop-up confirming you understand you could receive a W or F grade.
    • Click ok to continue or cancel to return to the select classes page.
  8. Review your eDrop request. If you selected the wrong course, click "Back" to return to the previous screen.
    • Once you have carefully reviewed the conditions, Accept the conditions, and click the "Submit for Approval" button.
  9. A confirmation page will display. We highly recommend that you print this confirmation page for your records!
  10. If you would like to drop another class, click "Create another request." Follow the above steps to drop another class.
  11. When you are finished, click "Close window."

Submitting an eDrop request is not a confirmation that the course has been dropped from your schedule. Once submitted, your eDrop request will be routed to the appropriate advisor, department chair, and/or dean for approval. Once approved, your request will be processed and an email confirming that the Drop is official will be sent to your University email account.

Until you receive an email which says the Drop has been approved and processed, or until you confirm via My eDocs that the status of your request is FINAL, you are still enrolled in the course.

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Adding classes (during the 2nd week of classes)

Students who have already registered for one or more classes, may request to add an additional class, via eADD, only during the 2nd week of classes -- with the instructor's approval.

  1. Log into One.IU.
  2. Click on Student Center.  Click on the eDrop / eAdd Classes link.
  3. Click the link, Add only - eAdd. The intervening eAdd page will be displayed.
  4. To add a class, click at the bottom of this page where it says, "If you are eligible to use eAdd, click here to access the system."
  5. Select the correct term, if necessary. Your schedule will be displayed.
  6. Enter the 4 to 5 digit class number of the class yo would like to add.  It is the student's responsibility to avod time conflicts.
  7. Once you have carefully reviewed the add conditions, accept the conditions, and then click the "Submit for Approval" button.
  8. Once you have clicked the submit button, you will receive a receipt page, It will include the following information:
    • Print the receipt page
    • Your schedule has NOT yet changed; it has been submitted for "instructor's approval."  Continue attending the class; but, notify the instructor that you have submitted an eAdd transaction to add his/her class.
    • You are not officially registered until you receive confirmation of the change via your University email account.

III.  Dropping classes after the auto-W timeframe has ended...up through the end of classes

Late Drop - AFTER the automatic "W" timeframe has ended

Go to One.IU and use eDROP to drop a class
  1. Log into One.IU.
  2. Click Student Center
    • Click eDrop / eAdd Classes.
    • Click Drop Only.
  3. On the eDrop info page, go to the bottom and click the click here to access the system link.
    • Select the course/s you would like to drop and click "Continue."
    • Review your eDrop request. If you selected the wrong course, click "Back" to return to the previous screen.
    • Once you have carefully reviewed the conditions, Accept the conditions, and click the "Submit for Approval" button.
  4. Student's eDrop request will now route to the instructor of record.
  5. Instructor decides to approve or disapprove the drop request.  For approved requests, the instructor will assign either a "W" or "F" grade.
  6. eDrop request now routes to the respective Dean.
  7. If approved, the class is dropped and either a "W" or "F" is posted to the student's academic transcript.

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Auditing a Course

Courses may be taken on an official "audit" basis. No credit will be given for the course; the audited course will be indicated on the student's transcript with a grade of NC. The student must discuss course work expectations with the instructor and it is up to the instructor to approve or not approve the student's request to audit the course.

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Registering for a Course Audit

New students must apply for admission to the University by submitting the application for admission and the $35 application fee. High school and college transcripts are required if the student intends to pursue a degree program.

Students may register to audit a course during any of the regular registration periods.The instructor or school dean (or designated representative) must grant permission allowing a student to audit a class.

Schools, in some cases, do not allow students to register for a class for credit after taking it on an audit basis. Consult with your advisor prior to making the decision to audit a course.

Tuition for an audited course is the same as that as for a credit course.

Is Auditing Right for Me?

Courses taken for audit do not apply toward any academic degree and do not count as part of a student's full-time or part-time course load for purposes of financial aid or for loan deferments.

Students considering this option should discuss it carefully with their academic advisor to see if this the best choice or if another grading option, such as pass/fail, may be more appropriate.

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Auditing May Prevent Future Course Credit

Course work transcripted as "NC" may not subsequently be changed to credit. Any change of from audit-to-credit, or vice-a-versa, must be completed during the first week of classes during the Fall or Spring terms, or prior to the second class meeting during a Summer session. The signature of the instructor is required for this change of enrollment.

Any school or department has the option to exclude auditors from a particular course or remove auditors during the first week of the semester in order to permit credit seeking students to enroll. In such cases, the auditor will receive a 100% refund of fees.

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Financial Aid

Students who are receiving some form of financial aid must contact the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships after adjusting their class schedules.

Refunds and Charges

Any credits or charges resulting from a schedule adjustment will be reflected on your next account statement. Refunds of credit balances will be issued in the form of a check and mailed to the address on file with the Office of the Registrar. Direct deposit of refund checks is also available. Please contact the Office of the Bursar (Student Accounts) for more information.

Refund Schedule

Credit hour and directly related course fees are credited to your account upon proper withdrawal from and according to the following schedule:

Classes Lasting One Week or Less
100% fee refund First day of class
50% fee refund Second day of class
Classes Lasting 2-4 Weeks
100% fee refund First and second day of class
50% fee refund Third and fourth day of class
Classes Lasting 5-7 Weeks
100% fee refund First week of class
50% fee refund Second week of class
Classes Lasting 8-12 Weeks
100% fee refund First week of class
75% Fee refund Second week of class
50% fee refund Third week of class
25% fee refund Fourth week of class

Refund Appeal Procedure

Students have a right to submit an appeal of the refund policy if there is a significant or unusual circumstance that causes their withdrawal from class after the normal refund period.

The procedure for appeal is as follows:

After withdrawal from class, you are required to submit a letter to the Refund Appeals Committee. This letter may be delivered to the Dean of Students Office located in Whitewater 101D. The letter will then be forwarded to the Refund Appeals Committee.

Your letter to the Refund Appeals Committee should include your contact Information.

  • name
  • student ID number
  • address
  • phone number

Please address your appeal letter to:

Dean of Students Office
Attn: Refund Appeals Committee
Indiana University East
2325 Chester Blvd.
Richmond IN 47374

Or e-mail your letter to:

Please explain the circumstances surrounding your appeal.

Include any supporting documentation that proves your case such as: a print out showing your attempt to withdraw from a class, dated error report due to technical problems, e-mails that may include correspondence with faculty.

Include the refund amount requested, course number, class name and semester (Spring, Fall, Summer I or Summer II).

Submit the letter to the Dean of Students Office within three weeks of withdrawal. Appeals received after this period will not be considered. Once an appeal is submitted, it is forwarded to the Refund Appeals Committee for consideration.

Once a committee recommendation has been rendered, the Dean of Students Office will formally communicate the decision to the student.

 Revised 10/10/08


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