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Fall 2020 Faculty,

As we start this semester, the use of the Student Engagement Roster (found in will be more important than ever, especially when monitoring students who are new to IU East or new to online learning. Please use the tool as often as necessary to allow for adequate outreach. While the first deadline falls after the drop/add period, please feel free to note if a student does not show up or participate during the first week of classes. Here are the dates and deadlines for attendance and early alert reporting for the fall 2020 semester:  

Mandatory Reporting Round #1 (Roster Verification)
August 24th-September 8th 
*The drop for non-payment policy uses “Never Attended” an indicator to determine if a student will be removed from class. Please assess if a student has never attended by considering physical class attendance or Canvas login/course participation for online classes. This policy ensures that students who have never attended, have not made any payments, and have no financial aid are removed from their courses and charges are eliminated.

Early Alert
September 9th-October 12th
Please use the Student Engagement Roster during this time to report academic performance concerns such as missing assignments and poor performance on homework, quizzes, or exams. Early and frequent reporting is encouraged, as well as positive feedback. Outreach to students is conducted weekly.

Mandatory Reporting Round #2 (Federal Financial Aid verification, also serves as initial roster verification for 2nd seven week classes)
October 13th-18th

As a reminder, students receive an email from you that directs them to your feedback. The Office of Student Success and academic advisors from each school will review feedback regularly and contact students as needed. You may see if the student, an advisor, or success coach has reviewed your feedback by clicking on the individual student’s name in the SER and looking at the lower right portion of the screen under “History.” 

If you are new to campus or need a refresher, please visit the following webpages for information and instructions about the program, or email me at to schedule a one-on-one training:

If you have any questions or need individual assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at 765-973-8404.

Thank you,

Textbook Information for Faculty

Textbook Orders (Faculty) - Site for faculty to order textbooks through the IU Bookstore

IU East faculty, who wish to use IU eTexts, should contact their school's Textbook Coordinator.

A Faculty and Staff Introduction: This self-enrolled site includes an overview of IU eTexts, ordering instructions, helpful tips, and guidance for faculty who choose to teach via IU eTexts.

IU eTexts Catalog - Faculty and staff may search for titles offered via IU eTexts.

Textbook Coordinators:
School of Business & Economics = Karla Stevenson
School of Education = Jessica Rice
School of Humanities & Social Sciences = Cynthia Wicker
School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics = Diana Fahl
School of Nursing & Health Sciences = Jane Muller
School of Social Work = Linda Melody Cottongim