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FLAGS - Student Engagement Roster (SER)
Fostering Learning, Achievement, and Graduation Success

In support of campus efforts to increase student retention and 4-year graduation, all faculty teaching undergraduate students are asked to provide feedback early and often on student attendance/performance in their class. Feedback from faculty allows for quick and intentional intervention with those students who may need assistance. Based on faculty feedback on the Student Engagement Roster (SER), reports will be readily available to advisors and other school officials to take action.

The student engagement roster is also the mechanism for reporting attendance concerns to the Office of Financial Aid, as well as enrollment information to the Office of the Registrar.

To access the Student Performance Roster (SER), you can link directly from your Canvas site or search Student Engagement Roster (Faculty) in 

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In the top right corner of the SER there is a link to Help Articles that will provide step-by-step instructions. 

Course Syllabus ~ Canvas Class Announcement
Faculty are encouraged to provide an explanation on the class syllabus and/or via a Canvas announcement. A sample notice is provided here:

"This semester I will be using IU’s FLAGS System to provide real-time feedback on your performance in this course. Periodically throughout the semester I will be entering data on factors such as your class attendance, participation, and success with coursework, among other things. This information will provide feedback on how you are faring in the course and offer suggestions on how you might be able to improve your performance. You will be able to access this information in One.IU"

 and the Student Engagement Roster (SER)

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Spring 2020 Faculty,

We will be using the Student Engagement Roster to capture attendance and academic performance concerns again this Spring.  Thank you for your diligent reporting in the Student Engagement Roster last semester. We had more than 91% of our courses reported and were able to make more than 600 contacts with students as a result. Here are the dates and deadlines for the spring 2020 semester:  

Here are the dates for reporting: 

Mandatory Reporting Round #1 (Roster Verification)
January 13th-28th  

*The drop for non-payment policy uses “Never Attended” an indicator to determine if a student will be removed from class. Please assess if a student has never attended by considering physical class attendance or Canvas login/course participation for online classes. This policy ensures that students who have never attended, have not made any payments, and have no financial aid are removed from their courses and charges are eliminated.

Early Alert
January 29th-February 23rd

Please use the Student Engagement Roster during this time to report academic performance concerns such as missing assignments and poor performance on homework, quizzes, or exams. Early and frequent reporting is encouraged, as well as positive feedback. Outreach to students is conducted weekly.

Mandatory Reporting Round #2 (Federal Financial Aid verification, also serves as initial roster verification for 2nd seven week classes)
February 24th-March 8th

As a reminder, students receive an email from you that directs them to your feedback. The Office of Student Success and academic advisors from each school will review feedback regularly and contact students as needed. You may see if the student, an advisor, or success coach has reviewed your feedback by clicking on the individual student’s name in the SER and looking at the lower right portion of the screen under “History.”

If you are new to campus or need a refresher, please visit the following webpages for information and instructions about the program, or email me at to schedule a one-on-one training:

I will also send the due dates via Outlook calendar as another way to keep you reminded of the deadlines.

Thank you,

Carrie Reisner, Ed.D., Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Engagement
If you have any questions or need assistance with the Student Engagement Roster, please contact me at (765) 973-8404 or by email at

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  • The Office of Student Success and academic advisors contact students who have multiple flags or other at-risk indicators to discuss action items that were recommended in the Student Performance Roster. 
  • Online instructors –  Please determine attendance for the first reporting round by tracking student Canvas login, participation in discussion forums, or submission of early assignments. Also, because FLAGS is used throughout the IU system and we have many students from other campuses enrolled in our online classes, it is possible that you may receive communication from staff members from other campuses.  Please provide any follow up information they may be seeking.

If  you need assistance with the Student Engagement Roster, please contact Carrie Reisner, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Engagement at (765) 973-8404 or by email at