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Graduation Information

Students earning a degree from IU East must submit an Application for Graduation.  Graduation-related questions may be directed to your degree auditor (see list below) or you may refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

IU East conducts one commencement exercise per year (conclusion of spring semester). Students may participate in commencement if they graduated the previous December, graduated in May of the current year, or are candidates to graduate during the upcoming summer (June or August) -- see application deadline dates below.

Applications for Graduation

Application Deadline Graduation Semester
November 1 Spring Semester - May graduates
November 1 Summer One - June graduates
November 1 Summer Two - August graduates
April 15 Fall Semester - December graduates


IU East
School of…

Applications for Bachelors Degree

Applications for Masters Degree

Applications for Undergraduate Certificate

Applications for Graduate

Business and Economics (BUSE)

BUSE Bachelors

MS in Management

UNDG Certificate in International Business


EDUC Bachelors

MS in Education

Grad Certificate in Early Childhood Education

Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS)


HSS Bachelors

MA in English

MA in Mental Health Counseling

HSS Undergrad Certificates

Grad Certificates in English

Grad Certificate in Communication Study

Natural Science & Mathematics (NSM)

NSM Bachelors

MA in Teaching Mathematics

NSM Undergrad Certificates

Grad Certificate in Mathematics

Nursing and
Health Sciences (NURS)

Applied Hlth Sci Bachelors

MS in Nursing

BSN Bachelors

RN-BSN Bachelors

Social Work (SWK)

Bachelor of Social Work

Master of Social Work

UNDG Certificate in Alcohol & Drug Abuse or Gerontology


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Degree Auditors

Students are responsible for submitting their application for graduation to the appropriate auditor to be processed by the deadlines shown above.

School Degree Auditor Office
Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS) Katie Chaney
TR 115
Bachelor of General Studies
   Humanities and Fine Arts or
   Behavioral and Social Sciences
Katie Chaney
TR 115
Master of Arts in English Jean Harper
WZ 267
Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling

Beth Trammel

TR 246
Graduate Certificate
in Communication Study

Natalia Rybas

TR 250
Graduate Certificates in English Jean Harper
WZ 267
Business & Economics (BUSE)
Informatics (INFO)
Darla Lane
HY 255P
Education (EDUC) Carla Bowen
TR 350
Natural Science & Mathematics (NSM) Teresa Price
WZ 263
Bachelor of General Studies
   Science and Mathematics
Teresa Price
WZ 263
Master of Arts in Teaching Kim Schwartzel
WZ 200C
Graduate Certificate in Mathematics Kim Schwartzel
WZ 200C
Nursing (NURS)

Amanda Carmack (Traditional BSN)

Julie Horn (RN to BSN)

Karen Clark (Health Sciences)

Paula Baumann (MSN)

HY 214


HY 235


HY 269


HY 209

Social Work (SWK) Ed Fitzgerald
TR 152

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Graduating with Academic Distinction

To graduate with academic distinction, baccalaureate degree candidates must:

  1. Rank within the highest 10% of the graduating class of their respective school,
  2. Have completed a minimum of 60 credit hours at Indiana University, and
  3. Meet the IU cumulative GPA criteria outlined below…

    • Distinction                         3.70 - 3.799         Crimson
    • High Distinction                 3.80 - 3.899         Cream
    • Highest Distinction           3.90 - 4.000         Crimson & Cream

Candidates who are awarded academic distinction in general scholarship are distinguished by crimson and cream fourrageres, which are looped cords worn from the left shoulder during the commencement exercise. Fourrageres with crimson and cream cords indicate "highest distinction;" those with all cream cords indicate "high distinction;" and those with all crimson cords indicate "distinction." Academic distinction is approved by the respective School Deans, and the cords are provided by the University. Academic distinction is recorded on the individual's diploma as a permanent testimonial of achievement.  

Procedures for Determining Academic Distinction

  1. Determine “10% of graduating baccalaureate degrees” (i.e. if graduating class = 400, 10% = 40).
  2. Sort graduates by GPA, where IU cumulative GPA is equal to or greater than 3.700 (descending highest to lowest).
  3. Then, sort where IU credit hours are equal to or greater than sixty (60).
  4. Then, sort by schools.
    • Determine 10% of each school’s graduates (i.e., if Nursing has 90 graduates, then 10% = 9).
  5. Dean’s verify & sign-off on their school’s academic distinction list.
  6. Distribute academic distinction cords at commencement “rehearsal and/or commencement.”
      • Distinction                  =            Crimson (red)
      • High Distinction         =            Cream (white)
      • Highest Distinction    =            Crimson & Cream (red and white)

(1) The Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (EVCAA) makes the final decision on situations where a school has fewer than ten (10) graduates and whether or not that school will award academic distinction.

(2) Only December and May qualifying “graduates” will be awarded academic distinction cords prior to the May commencement exercise.  June and/or August “candidatesdo not qualify for the awarding of academic distinction cords at the May commencement exercise.  If eligible, they will receive their cords with their diploma.

Reference:  Indiana University Academic Handbook, Grades and Grading Policy, Academic Distinction, University Faculty Council, April 26, 1983; November 27, 1984.

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Graduating with a Second Degree

IU East Policy on Awarding Second Degrees (Faculty Senate February 27, 1987, amended 5/5/98, 4/27/10)

The Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs may admit the holder of, or candidate for, a baccalaureate degree candidacy for a second baccalaureate degree. Students applying for another degree must also meet any second degree requirements of the School in which they are candidates.  The second degree may be awarded either simultaneously with the first degree, or may be awarded at a later time. Four options include:

  1. Second degree awarded simultaneously with first degree: When such permission is granted, the candidate who simultaneously completes two baccalaureate degrees must complete all the requirements of each degree.

  2. Second degree awarded to a continuing student: When such permission is granted, the candidate who, after receiving a first baccalaureate degree, remains continuously enrolled at IU East must complete all the requirements of the second degree.

  3. Second degree awarded to a returning IU East alum: When such permission is granted, the candidate who has completed the first baccalaureate degree at IU East, and then returns at a later time, must earn a minimum of 30 additional credit hours from IU East and must complete all the requirements of the second degree.

  4. Second degree awarded to a student who earned first degree from another IU campus: When such permission is granted, the candidate must earn a minimum of 30 additional hours in residency for each additional baccalaureate degree, beyond the previous degree’s requirements.

Approval for the applicability of courses taken rests with the School or program awarding the degree.

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Diplomas are not distributed at the commencement exercise. Instead, graduates will be presented a crimson-colored IU diploma cover. Actual diplomas should be available approximately 4-6 weeks after students have been certified for graduation. Graduates will receive an email (to their IU email account) from the Office of the Registrar informing them that diplomas (a) have arrived; and (b) have been mailed to the address they provided. PLEASE NOTE: It is Indiana University policy to withhold transcripts and diplomas from students who have a financial encumbrance with the University. In other words, to receive your diploma, all financial obligations to the University must be clear.

Electronic Diploma

As a recent graduate you have the option to purchase a certified electronic diploma (CeDiploma) or certificate (CeCertificate) from CeCredential Trust. It does not replace the paper copy of your credential. A CeCredential is an official, portable, and verifiable version of your accomplishment.  The CeDiploma or CeCertificate will be available approximately 4-6 weeks after the student’s degree has been posted to their record. They will receive an email notification when a CeDiploma is available to be downloaded.

Ordering an Electronic Diploma

Students can access the CeCredential service by clicking on the One.IU.task (Electronic Diploma) or the Order Electronic Diploma link on the My Academics and Grades page in the Student Center.

Duplicate Diploma Request

The Indiana University East - Office of the Registrar will process duplicate/replacement diploma requests only for degrees actually awarded by East campus (Richmond, IN). All other IU graduates should contact the Office of the Registrar at the Indiana University campus that awarded your degree for their procedures and cost of ordering a duplicate diploma.

Your name will appear on the diploma in the same format as it is stored in the Office of the Registrar records. Students whose names require editing or have been legally changed should file a “Request for Change of Name."  Legal documentation, such as a copy of a social security card, driver’s license, marriage certificate, or official court document, must be provided to support the name change.

Duplicate / Replacement Diploma Request Form  for IU “EAST” Graduates

Graduation Statistics

IU East Graduation Statistics 1988 through August 2020

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