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Intercampus Transfers

Indiana University enables IU students, in "good academic standing," to transfer among its eight campuses.

Indiana University students wishing to transfer to the East campus, must complete an online IU Intercampus Transfer Application by the dates listed below
First day you may apply to transfer
Last day you may apply for a permanent transfer to IU East
Last day you may apply as a visiting transfer to IU East
Summer One 2020 October 1, 2019 May 13, 2020 May 22, 2020
Summer Two 2020 October 1, 2019 May 13, 2020 July 10, 2020
Fall 2020 March 1, 2020 August 19, 2020 August 28, 2020
Spring 2021 October 1, 2020 January 6, 2021 January 15, 2021
There are now two applications for intercampus transfer students to choose from depending on status:
Visiting / Temporary Intercampus Transfer Application Permanent Intercampus Transfer Application

IU East students, who are considering an intercampus transfer to another IU campus, should discuss this option with their academic advisor prior to applying for the transfer.

Fees Associated with Visiting Intercampus Transfers

IU students, approved for a visiting intercampus transfer, are responsible for any and all tuition and fees associated with class registration at IU East. 

Please note that credit hours taken at IU East, as a VISITING inter-campus transfer student, will be charged at the per credit hour rate and WILL NOT COUNT in the banded tuition at your home campus.

If you need financial assistance, please contact the Financial Aid office at your home campus to fill out a consortium agreement.  As a visiting student you do not qualify for financial aid from the East campus.

Distance education rates apply to students who are in approved distance education programs only.

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