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Schedule of Classes (SoC)

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Indiana University East publishes its schedule of classes (SoC) approximately one month prior to the start of registration. Class schedule search options include:

OFFICIAL Class Search

Use this search option if you want the OFFICIAL schedule of classes and you need detailed textbook information.

The official class schedule search engine reflects REAL-TIME course availability, as well as the open or closed status of each class. Additionally, with each class, there is a Details Button button which leads to more information specific to that section, including textbook and prerequisite details.


PUBLIC search for information about courses / classes offered at IU East, including course descriptions, requisites, and semesters offered.


Class Search App

This search option reflects day-old course enrollment totals, open/closed status, and seat availability. The app is available through the new Red Wolf Central website.

Schedule of Classes


ONLINE Classes Only

Looking for an online class?  Try the online class search tools below.


PDF Copy of the UNOFFICIAL Schedule of Classes

Provided primarily for administrators who need to review or print an entire department's course listing.

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Textbook Information (including IU eTexts)

Textbooks: IU East Barnes & Noble Bookstore

IU eTexts:  The Student Guide to IU eTexts - This self-enrolled site is an introduction to the IU eTexts initiative for students.

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Core Transfer Library (CTL) / Transfer Indiana

Indiana University East participates in "Transfer Indiana" and is a member of the "Core Transfer Library (CTL).

What is the CTL? To enable you to transfer college credits, Indiana has developed the Core Transfer Library (CTL) – a list of courses that will transfer among all Indiana public college and university campuses, assuming adequate grades.

All Core Transfer Library courses will meet the general education or free elective requirements of undergraduate degree programs, and a significant majority of CTL courses will also count as one-on-one equivalents to courses taught at your new campus.

Courses on the IU East Schedule of Classes, that are a part of the Core Transfer Library (CTL), carry the following footnote: "This class is part of the 'Transfer Indiana' (transferIN) Initiative. For additional information , link to"

Click here to see a complete list of IU East courses listed in the CTL.


Building Abbreviations on SoC

Main Campus - Richmond, IN Off-Campus Locations Online
Hayes Hall = HY Madison = IM Online = OL
Springwood Hall = RW Lawrenceburg = LB Web = WB
Student Activities & Events Center = SA    
Tom Raper Hall = TR    
Whitewater Hall = WZ    

Days of the Week Abbreviations on SoC

Daily & Weekly Classes Arranged Classes
Monday Only = M Saturday Only = S
Tuesday Only = T Monday and Wednesday = MW
Wednesday Only = W Tuesday and Thursday = TR
Thursday Only = R Monday through Friday = D (daily)
Friday Only = F ARR = meeting day and/or time is "arranged" with instructor

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Archived Class Schedules

Fall 2019 - HTML Fall 2018 - HTML Fall 2017 - HTML
Fall 2019 - PDF Fall 2018 - PDF Fall 2017 - PDF
  Spring 2019 - HTML Spring 2018 - HTML
  Spring 2019 - PDF Spring 2018 - PDF
  Summer 2019 - HTML Summer 2018 - HTML
  Summer 2019 - PDF Summer 2018 - PDF
Fall 2016 - HTML Fall 2015 - HTML Fall 2014 - HTML
Fall 2016 - PDF Fall 2015 - PDF Fall 2014 - PDF
Spring 2017 - HTML Spring 2016 - HTML Spring 2015 - HTML
Spring 2017 - PDF Spring 2016 - PDF Spring 2015 - PDF
Summer 2017 - HTML Summer 2016 - HTML Summer 2015 - HTML
Summer 2017 - PDF Summer 2016 - PDF Summer 2015 - PDF

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