Student Research Day


Poster Presentations

Kinzie Clark
Alzheimer’s Disease

Jonathan Kerby-White
The Fundamental Concept of Calculus

Matthew Paterson
Exploring the Function of an Unkown Yeast Gene

Kyle Raihala
Analyzing the hazardousness of the cycling network in Trier, Germany

Kat Sterritt
The Balance Sheet and Financial Disclosures

Rachel Washington
Women and Children in Recovery: Roadblocks in the Way

Sandy Zimmerman
Magical and Ritual Beliefs as Justification for Murder, Enslavement, or Wrongful Death

Oral Presentations

Makenna Gunckel
The Benefits of Delaying Kindergarten Entrance Age

Hannah Buehner
Las Jarchas: Sharing Timeless Truths with Future Generations

Renee Cooper
Benefits of Two-Way Immersion School

Austin Haus
The Evolution of the Piano

Rahil Najafabadi
A poetry Reading

Christina Robinson
The Biochemistry of Love

Sandy Zimmerman
The Starving Time at Fort James Settlement

SUMRS Presentations

Ashley Karns
Methomyl – An Environmental Toxin

Heidi Klein
A Poetry Reading

Emily Merrell
The Cultural History of a Midwestern Family *Duplicate presentation from HONORS SHOWCASE

Jim Skufca
Credit Risk Modeling Based on Logistic Regression

Honors Showcase

Donovan Chang
Hitting Times on Star-Shaped Graphs

Brooke Conway
The Benefits of Pickle Ball for Older Adults

Shannon Dice
The Charm of Rural Indiana: A Journey in Photography

Emma Hatch
School Assignment within Wayne County

Calev Isaacson
Modeling Quantum Gravity

Julia McCullough
The Effectiveness of Psychotherapy Modalities

Emily Merrell
The Cultural History of a Midwestern Family *Duplicate presentation from SUMRS

Julie Miller
An Examination of the relationship between religiosity and mental illness

Brooke Perreira

Falen Pope
An Examination of Social Equity and a Right to Justice

Ruan Roelofse
A Quick Start project that produced a Children’s Book

Tatyana Whited
Breaking Down Barriers and Building Bridges: Bringing More Women into STEAM