Police & Public Safety

Protecting and serving the campus community

To provide you with a safe space to be a student, Indiana University Police Department maintains a police presence on campus (IUPD-East).  They provide:

Contact police dispatch for any of the above, but in an emergency, call 911.

How to:

Call 911 in an emergency. Campus police will be notified.

Contact IUPD-East dispatch at 765-973-8429 or visit the on-campus police department in Whitewater Hall, Room 110, to report a crime, suspicious person/activity, or safety matter.

Report as much information as possible, including:

  1. Activity
  2. Person's description: height, weight, sex, clothing, weapons
  3. Location
  4. Direction of Travel
  5. Vehicle CYMBALL
    • Color (eg. black over red)
    • Year (eg. late model, 2015)
    • Make (eg. Ford, Dodge, etc)
    • Body (eg. 2 door, 4 door)
    • And
    • License (eg. 89 Z1234 or personalized plate)
    • Location (eg. Whitewater lot)

Do NOT approach or attempt to apprehend the person(s) involved. Stay on the telephone with the Police/operator and provide additional information as changes in the situation occurs, until the first police officer arrives.

If you experience, witness, or are aware of a bias incident, report it. Reporting an incident allows us to support those impacted and take steps to prevent future incidents.

Learn more about discrimination & bias

Report a bias incident

An escort service is available to students, faculty and staff until campus closes. Persons needing an escort may contact the IUPD-East dispatch at 765-973-8429 during normal campus hours.

If you need an escort outside of normal campus hours or would like to schedule escort service, call dispatch or stop by the police department to discuss your needs.

All citations at any campus of IU are handled by IU Parking Operations, and more information can be found on their website.

Pay or appeal a citation

You can purchase and learn more about parking permits on the IU Parking Operations website.

All rules and regulations regarding parking on the IU East campus can be found on the Parking website.

Contact IUPD-East dispatch at 765-973-8429 or visit the on-campus police department in Whitewater Hall, Room 110, to report a lost item or return and secure a found item.

Submit a police report request online on the Protect.IU website.

Reports involving vehicle accidents are handled separately and can be requested from buycrash.com.

IUPD-East welcomes your input! Submit comments and feedback via email to iuepd@indiana.edu or complete the comments and feedback form online.

Submit comments and feedback

Portrait of Chief Dunning in uniform smiling.

My officers and I take the safety and security of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors seriously. I want your time here to be memorable in a good way. IU East is like a big family and we want you to feel welcome on our campus.

IUPD-East Chief Scott Dunning

Cadet Officer Program

IU's Cadet Officer Program (COP) is the only program in the country that allows students to work as police officers. IU East cadets work as officers for IUPD-East for two years while pursuing their degree.

Earn a competitive edge and graduate with on-the-job experience! 

If you're an IU student interested in law enforcement, the one-of-a-kind Cadet Officer Program offered by the Indiana University Police Academy could be for you!

Description of the video:

Derek Line, Cadet, Criminal Justice (2019): The Cadet Program holds you accountable for reaching your goals. It sets pretty high standards for you, and there's a lot of good people in the program that kinda help keep you motivated in reaching the goals.

Jana Banschbach, Part-time Officer, Criminal Justice B.A. (2016): Throughout the Academy I learned that I loved criminal law, and so I decided to go to Maurer here at IU where I could still be a part-time officer and learn the law. And I definitely wouldn't have gotten into law school without this program.

Matt Weitkamp, Part-time Officer, Health Fitness Specialist (2018): Throughout the Academy you get really, really close with your peers. Basically, you're forced to spend so much time around people, that people that you normally wouldn't spend time around become your best friends. I still talk to pretty much everybody from my class, and love them like brothers.

Garrit Heitink, Cadet, Criminal Justice & Psychology (2020): If you're on top of your stuff, and you know when your classes are, your homework schedule, your exam schedule, you should be fine. You get to plan out your own schedule, when you work and when you don't.

Major Stephen "Nick" Luce, Director of Public Safety Education, 33rd Class of IUPA: Students at Indiana University that have an interest in law enforcement should definitely look into the IUPD Cadet Officer Program and the training offered by the IU Police Academy. As a cadet, you are not sworn, and you are not an official law enforcement officer. After graduation of the Police Academy, you will then become a part-time officer at one of our IUPD divisions, where you will be a full-fledged, fully-sworn police officer in Indiana. All while working towards finishing your degree and graduating from Indiana University.

Matt Weitkamp: The worst thing that could happen is you come in and you waste a day applying, and you decide you don't wanna do it. The best thing that could happen is you end up changing your life.