When to Meet With Your Student Success Coach

Any time you need help!

Our office is open from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday with a few exceptions for holiday closings. Drop in or call to schedule an appointment. Online students can email iuecoach@iue.edu

There are a few times throughout the year that we highly recommend meeting with your Coach:

Within the first week of school
  1. make initial contact with coach/counselor
  2. work on any necessary skills needed to be successful this semester
  3. establish short/long term goals.
Around mid terms (before the end of October and before spring break)
  1. review your progress thus far
  2. address any barriers that may be preventing you from succeeding.
Before the end of the semester
  1. review your first year of college
  2. review your class schedule for next semester

Student-Athletes have additional requirements related to eligibility and will meet more frequently with the Academic Coach for Student-Athletes.