Advice for Parents & Families

As the first day of school approaches, be aware of your student’s emotions. They will feel excitement, nervousness, stress, and anxiety. This is part of the process, but be supportive and encouraging! Help your student make wise decisions about major changes in their life. Listen with an open mind, be supportive, and be encouraging of your student's experiences!

Academic Expectations

Take time to discuss academic expectations ahead of time (i.e.: GPA related scholarship requirements). Encourage your student to use the first year to explore different majors and utilize the Office of Career Services to develop and set his/her own career goals.

Money Management

Help your student devise a budget and financial plan for the academic year. Discuss how to spend and budget money appropriately throughout the year.

Time Management

College students have a lot to balance including being in school, studying, tutoring, working, volunteering, participating in student organizations, sports, and much more. The time usually spent with friends and family will decrease. Discuss expectations of how often you plan to communicate and see each other.


Have adult conversations about the use of alcohol, drugs, and other personal choices your student will be making. Encourage responsibility, but understand that you cannot control your student's decisions.

Campus Culture and Participation

College is a time for students to meet new people, make new friends, and try new things! Back With the Pack events are designed to help students make connections with one another and to the campus. Encourage your student to participate in these events and others throughout the semester and talk with them about what they've experienced.

Handling Challenges

When problems arise, teach your student how to advocate for themselves by using the information you learn at Student Orientation and from this web site to refer your student back to on-campus resources.

Helping them Cope with Stress

Be mindful of stressful periods during the semester (i.e.: exam time). Help to minimize stress by offering encouragement, provide them with a favorite meal, or give them a care package to get through exams!