Spring 2018 Study Abroad in Italy Program

Learn about the history of the arts in Florence, Italy and take a course at the Florence University of the Arts!


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Application and Fee Schedule

Deadline Item Amount
Wed, Nov 1* Fee deposit (non-refundable unless student is not selected for the program)
Program Application paperwork due
Fri, Nov 10 Acceptance letters e-mailed to selected participants (who will then be allowed to register for the classes)  
Fri, Dec 8 Registration in MUS-Z320 and ITAL-M 396 (students not registered by this date in both courses may forfeit their spot to any students on a waiting list)  
Fri, Jan 12 Deposit into trip account $800
Jan/Feb Scholarship and field trip fees applied to balance Varies
Fri, Feb 16 Application paperwork to FUA due  
Wed, Feb 28 Final program fee payment due balance
*Applications will still be accepted after this date if there are spots available.

Dates subject to change.

Application Details

To apply for the program, complete the following:

  1. Letter of Interest: in your letter, include:
    • Name, program of study, year in school, phone number, email address, student ID # (for enrollment permission and to verify GPA)
    • How study abroad will contribute to your overall academic/career goals
    • Anticipated long-term effect of study abroad on your study and/or career plans
    • Academic strength and preparedness, maturity, and adaptability
    • 2 faculty references (including contact information)
  2. Deposit: $50 to the bursar’s office, into account 23-686-05, and let them know this is for the study abroad in Italy program (call 765-973-8345 for information on how to pay over the phone if you cannot do so in person)

Submit the letter of interest and scanned/copied receipt from the bursar’s office as proof of payment to Dr. Jessica Raposo, Springwood Hall room 223 by November 1 or emailed to jraposo@iue.edu. (Note: credit card payments over the phone do not get a bursar receipt, so a credit card statement showing the transaction will qualify as proof of payment.)