Student Support Services


To find out more information about any of the following opportunities offered by Student Support Services, call 765-973-8310.


The Student Support Services staff evaluates each participant’s academic skills and works with the student to devise an academic plan. This plan may include course selection, credit load, tutorial help, learning laboratory assistance, study plans, additional assessment, or counseling. It is important that each student establish a constructive, interactive relationship with SSS staff to develop proactive skills in managing academic progress, goals and personal circumstances.

Chi Alpha Epsilon

This Honor Society recognizes the academic achievements of students admitted to colleges through nontraditional criteria. Its purposes are to promote continued high academic standards to foster increased communication among its members and to honor academic excellence achieved by those students admitted to college via developmental programs.


Student Support Services provides academic, personal, and career counseling for all students in the program, helping them to clarify degree goals and achievement plans. The SSS staff is also available to listen to problems the student may have and provide personal counseling support. In addition, the program works with University and community resources on a referral basis for additional services as needed.

Cultural Events

Each semester, Student Support Services offers students the opportunity to attend a cultural event in the area free of charge. Tickets are paid for and information is provided regarding the particular event. It is the goal of SSS to encourage participation in events that students might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend such as symphonies, plays and museums.

Financial Literacy

Student Support Services offers workshops, one-on-one appointments and information sessions regarding financial literacy. It is the goal of SSS to enhance your knowledge about grants, scholarships, financial aid, debt, budgeting, mortgages, etc. To set up an appointment or to learn more about opportunities, contact the SSS office.

Grant Aid

Student Support Services may provide grant aid to current Student Support Services participants who are receiving Federal Pell Grants.

Learning Laboratory

The Student Support Services Learning Lab is equipped with five computers for use by S.S.S. students, as well as a study and resource center. The learning lab serves as a location for study, group work, skill building and tutoring.

Peer Mentoring

Peer mentors are available to answer questions, help with concerns and work with students in utilizing all the resources available to them. Peer mentors also help keep S.S.S. students informed about available services and opportunities to participate in events such as cultural experiences, workshops, and social networking.

If you are interested in becoming or having a Peer Mentor please contact us at 765-973-8310 or stop by Student Support Services in Whitewater Hall 110.


Tutoring is available primarily in 100-level courses, but if tutors are available for upper level courses, this can also be arranged. The Academic Coordinator receives all tutor requests and coordinates student/tutor arrangements after interviewing the student to determine needs and expectations. Tutors work with students to help students develop academic skills so that they experience improvement in all their courses.

A Tutor Request Form can be printed and submitted to Whitewater Hall 110.