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Guidelines for Faculty

Mid-term and final exams are available to help ensure the academic integrity of IU East online and in class courses. It is designed as a service to provide authentic assessment on critical course components.

Submitting Exams to the Testing Center:

  • Fill out the coversheet completely. Exams without coversheets or incomplete coversheets will not be accepted.
  • All exams must be received at least 48 hours prior to the first possible test administration time (noon Friday for Monday exams).
  • For online exams, cover sheets must be received at least 48 hours prior to the first possible test administration time (noon Friday for Monday exams). Cover sheets may be filled in or emailed to rlang@iue.edu or delivered by hand to Springwood Hall 202B, 2325 Chester Blvd. Richmond, IN 47374
  • The Testing Center does testing on a scheduled time slot basis through online sign-up for online faculty teaching midterm and final exams. This service is not equipped to accommodate individual student appointments outside of scheduled hours.

Receipt and Delivery of Exams

  • Exams will be delivered to the Professor Portal on the RegisterBlast site that faculty received at the beginning of the semester.
  • Completed exams will be mailed to the instructor via campus mail (confidential) within 1 day after the last testing date, unless other instructions are provided on the cover sheet.

Testing Procedures

  • Instructors will inform students of online testing sign-up at the website address provided at the beginning of the semester. No appointments can be made by phone.
  • Exams will be administered in specific three hour time blocks. All testing will begin at the start of the time block and instructors must indicate any limits shorter than 3 hours (along with other specific instructions) on the cover sheet.
  • Each student must arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to their scheduled testing start time. This will allow time for verification of identification and distribution of exams.
  • Tests will only be administered to students with an IU student ID, driver’s license, or other state ID with photo. Please remind student of this requirement.
  • Any student found using materials not indicated on the coversheet must forfeit the materials to the Testing Center Staff. The student will be permitted to complete the exam but confiscated materials will be forwarded to the instructor with an explanation. Dishonesty will not be tolerated in any form. It is the role of the instructor, however, to follow through on any academic misconduct claim.
The Testing Center will not extend time for the exam beyond the limit specified by the instructor or allow any materials into the testing room unless otherwise specified by

Student Accomodations: Students needing accommodations must initially meet with Larry Scott, our Disabilities Coordinator, in Student Support Services (SSS), http://www.iue.edu/support/services.php at least one week prior to the first scheduled exam to determine the appropriate accommodations.

Instructors should refer students to SSS as soon as the student indicates the need. Students seeking accommodations are responsible for making the initial, tentative appointment including communicating to the faculty regarding arrangements.

If you have any questions, please contact the Testing Center at (765)973-8249 or by e-mail at rlang@iue.edu