Artist Spotlight: Morgan Eamon

By Rowen Perkins


We were honored to share four works with you by Morgan Eamon, IU East senior and local artist, in our 2018 issue of Tributaries. Her pieces Crypto-Curiosity and Exegesis were also displayed as centerpieces for our release party. Morgan integrates wire, fabric, and animal bones into her whimsical and captivating ceramic pieces. Her inspiration from bones and other bodily forms can be seen through her work, which can be organic and possess anatomical qualities. Morgan also admits that she is inspired by personal experiences and the works of artists who she admires. Lastly, Morgan draws from her own emotions when creating art. During her creative process, Morgan states she changes direction at least once, no matter how much she has prepared for the piece. I believe this exploratory approach strengthens her concepts and compositions.

Exegesis, Mixed Media, 10-1/2″x11″x13″

Recently, she is using her experience with clay to create a public piece to be displayed at IU East. Although we don’t know all the details yet, Morgan describes the piece as “a totem-like structure made of thrown bowls”. We are very excited to enjoy her new piece on campus!

We know Morgan for her three-dimensional pieces, but she often creates two-dimensional art and works with a variety of media. Outside of the ceramics studio, Morgan has been exploring with pages from her teenage diaries and paint to create a series of layered collages. We are so happy to have shared Morgan’s work with you, and we greatly anticipate what she will create in the future!



Diary 1, Mixed Media


Rowen Perkins is the Managing Editor and Visual Arts Editor of Tributaries: A Journal of Creative Arts. She is a Junior at IU East majoring in Fine Arts with a concentration in graphic design.



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