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“Everything’s Waiting for You”: My Experience Writing for Johns Hopkins University

By Olivia Ryckman // In December of 2019, one of my awesome professors, Tanya Perkins, asked me and a few other students in my Advanced Fiction Writing class to submit an abstract to Johns Hopkins University’s Richard Macksey Undergraduate Student Research Symposium. (A mouthful, I know.) I remember sitting in shock that Tanya deemed my work worthy enough to submit to a symposium, at Johns Hopkins at that. If accepted, I would present my research and creative writing at the symposium in Baltimore. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so of course, I accepted it. 


Eight Tips for Creating Nonfiction We Want to See

By Mara Cobb Start by reading. All writers were first readers. In order to create good nonfiction, it’s important that you first read some nonfiction essays that inspire you. Consider what the writers do...


What We’re Reading

–Contributed by Wes Smith, Nonfiction Editor As Nonfiction Editor, I try to read as broadly as I can. By engaging in as many of the multitudinous sub-genres of what we call “nonfiction” as possible (manifestoes,...