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A Word from the Editor-in-Chief 0

A Word from the Editor-in-Chief

Hello, blog-readers!  I’m Olivia Ryckman, Tributaries’ 2022 Editor-in-Chief. I’m from the small town of Connersville, Indiana. I graduated from IU East in December 2020 with my BA in English with a concentration in Creative...


Why I Stopped Valuing the New York Times Bestseller List

By Makena Marshall // As a kid, dreaming of what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always wanted to write a famous book, one that everyone had read, was reading, or was about to read. As I got older, I noticed all the books I read had been on the “NYTBSL.” I loved these books, so I quickly made this list my goal—that is, until I discovered The Selection series by Kiera Cass.


Tributaries 2020

The semester has begun for us here at IU East, and our team of readers, editors, and faculty are excited to review recent submissions for the 2020 issue of Tributaries: A Journal of Creative...