University College

Meeting Topics

Whether it is a drop-in meeting or scheduled one-on-one meetings, the focus of our discussions are highly dependent on the students needs.  Some of the topics we will discuss during our meetings include:

  • Educational goals & Personal Development
    • Career exploration and development
    • Barriers to academic success
    • Establishing rapport with professors and staff
    • Becoming active learners and class participants
    • Self-esteem & self-advocacy skills
  • Course management
    • Differences between high school and college courses
    • Expectations of college professors
    • Purpose and value of a course syllabus
    • Communicating with college professors and university staff
    • Study Skills and note-taking skills
    • Test-taking and test anxiety
  • Time Management
    • Daily schedule / study schedule
    • Developing organizational skills
    • Overcoming procrastination
    • Balancing academic & social demands
  • Introduction to Academic Policies and Procedures, the impacts of:
    • class attendance
    • dropping / adding
    • satisfactory academic progress standards
    • incomplete grades