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Student Spotlight: Rick McKinney

Rick McKinney

Like many little kids, Rick McKinney thought about becoming a doctor or dentist. But high school took him a different direction. Rick dabbled in selling sports memorabilia on eBay, enjoying the ability to “call his own shots.”

The money he made was never squandered, but instead tucked safely away for something bigger and better. “I was always saving my Christmas and birthday money instead of spending it on fast food or one more pair of shoes,” stated Rick. “I didn’t like to waste it.”

The payoff came for Rick a few years later when he had an opportunity to buy a house in hopes of flipping it on the real estate market. Accomplishment was just one of the feelings he had when he walked into his house for the very first time. He had purchased a house on his own at the age of 20. It was the principles he learned in his IU East economics course that put all this into motion. After buying and selling his second house, Rick decided to obtain his realtor license in both Ohio and Indiana.

“Why not go ahead and get my license if I’m going to keep flipping houses? The realtor fees add up and they might as well be in my pocket instead of someone else’s,” he exclaimed. That semester Rick took his IU East courses online so that he could simultaneously attend Real Estate School. “You get out of it what you put into it. If you work hard you can pretty much do anything in life. You control your own path,” claimed Rick, “People were telling me I couldn’t or shouldn’t be buying houses. I like to prove them wrong.”