Spotlight on Room 912

August 5th, 2014

Room 912, located at 912 E. Main Street, in Richmond, Ind., opened in January 2014.  This space is comprised of an art gallery, classroom, and student studio space.   Both IU East and the Richmond Art Museum offer classes in this university space.

Room 912 graphicRoom 912 was created in order to provide additional space for gallery exhibitions and the growing fine arts program.  Downtown Richmond was selected due to its rich history, expanding business community, and future potential.  Opening Room 912 was the perfect opportunity to position IU East as a steward of place and to promote partnerships that are essential to strengthening the community.
One such partnership is with the Richmond Art Museum that has been in need of space for daytime art classes.

“The opportunity for RAM to offer daytime programming at Room 912 is significant in that it gives us the ability to do something we have not yet done,” said Lance Crow, education director at RAM. “Currently classes at RAM are offered in the evenings. This new partnership with IU East offers a new flexibility to our art education programs that will allow a wider audience of individuals to experience the enrichment that comes from engaging creatively in artistic endeavor.”

Kaylyn Flora, of Richmond, Ind., is a double major in Fine Arts and English at IU East. She said the expansion of IU East’s Fine Arts department into downtown Richmond is as significant to students as it is for the community.

“The studio offers a space dedicated solely to the creation of artwork while teaching us the importance of working in a studio environment both now and after graduation. My peers and I will have the space we need to explore new mediums and techniques for art making. Sharing a space with other talented capstone students will foster a potent creative energy that will inspire each of us to create our best work yet,” Flora said. “Just as important, we are at the heart of the city, and therefore, at the heart of the community. In our downtime, we have the opportunity to explore local shops and meet local business owners. Thus, we are provided with a sense of local history that will influence and will be translated in our artwork. In doing so, we can take part in the culture that has become integral to Richmond, Ind.”