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Meet Jeff Sheets- below is his nursing journey!

Jeff Sheets- Registered Nurse at IU Health Ball Memorial on the Medical Telemetry Unit Muncie Indiana. Charge Nurse/Staff Nurse- I am a member of the Leadership Council for the hospital- A member of our Unit Based Council- I have been attending Ball Memorial’s Academy of Nursing Excellence for the last year and finish in December- I have also been a member of the Falls Team and also a Preceptor from time to time. I received my ASN from Ivy Tech in 2011- BSN from IU East in 2013 and will receive my MSN in Administration May 2016.
On MTU we take mostly pts coming in with chest pain, shortness of breath, nstemi, stroke pts and anybody with a heart history but we also take any stable overflow pts. All our pts are placed on a monitor in which their heart rhythms are monitored 24/7. Everyone on our floor is Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certified.
I am looking forward to going to London to basically see how nursing is viewed, their concepts and policies, and how it works in a Universal Healthcare System. I am excited to visit the Royal College of Nursing and different museums that depict the history of nursing and how Florence Nightingale influenced our profession. Plus- it gives me a chance to visit a European country that I probably wouldn’t get to see if it weren’t for IU East and the MSN program.

About nurse_chicadee

Hello everyone, I am in the Masters Program for Nursing at IU East. I will be graduating in the Spring of 2016 with a Masters in Nursing Administration. I am currently in London, England studying for one of my classes, we are concentrating on the health care system of the UK and the history behind nursing. I am excited to share with you some of our awesome adventures here in London!

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