Snowbound, what to do now?  Read an actual, physical book!

Imagine there is a snowstorm and electricity is out…but you have one of those “snuggles” blankies so you’re not worried about the cold.  Also, you were prepared enough to have batteries in a big flashlight, so you’re all set to ….read a book!

As library director, I am surrounded daily by books, and I teach a course at IU East focused on children’s books, and I really DO read books…but sometimes it takes a weather-enforced break to do the proverbial curling up with a good book (and in my case, also with a good cat).  Norah the cat actually appreciated this book because it featured a very clever cat like herself – the Cheshire cat.  Yes, I had a copy of Alice in Wonderland on my home bookshelf, begging to be re-read for the umpteenth time. I try to read it at least once a year because there is so much Life philosophy in it that I like to reflect on from varied perspectives as my life moves onward.  My favorite quote is “I knew who I was when I woke up this morning, but I seem to have changed many times since.” It’s in chapter five, “Advice from a caterpillar.” I figure taking advice from an insect is as useful as any.


I really enjoyed curling up with Norah and having a book in my hands.  But for all the other times when one’s Internet connection is not down – you can read the whole book online:

As to whether you wear your snuggle while gazing at the screen ….well, that may be an upcoming blog entry from Frances Yates.

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