Would You Like to Take a Survey?

Would You Like to Take a Survey?

Hello, Matt here again.

With IU East moving in so many new and exciting directions, we want to be sure that we keep up with what you actually need.  And because, despite all my effort to the contrary, I am not yet a mind reader, we need your feedback!

So, we’ve got a user survey online.  It only takes about ten minutes to fill out.  The survey can be taken at http://www.iue.edu/ctl/survey/library/usersurvey.htm – just log in with your IU username and password.  Your answers will not be linked back to you.

survey blog picture

I can already hear some of you saying, “But what if I don’t like taking surveys?”  Don’t worry, this is the good kind of survey, because you get candy for doing it.  You even get a choice – sweet or tart candy!  Oh yeah, and a bookmark.  But I’m a realist; obviously the candy is more important to most of you than the bookmark.

Once you’ve finished the survey, go to the library front desk and ask for your candy.  A sweet reward now, and better service in the future!  A great combination!

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