Have You Seen This Man?

Have You Seen This Man?

If you do, please stop and say, “hi.” My name is Joe Augustin and I’ll be working as an intern in IU East’s Campus Library this summer. While I’m here, I’ll be learning a lot about LibGuides; so if you have any questions about those, or what it is that I’ll be doing to them, please feel free to send an email to jcaugust@iupui.edu.


I’m currently living in Richmond and working in Earlham’s library, while finishing my Library Science degree at IUPUI, in Indianapolis. I am now happily married to Susan Reynolds, of Fountain City, Indiana. We have two little dogs, named Ruby and Beatrice.

I was born in Richmond, Indiana on March 19, 1983. After living a few years in Ithaca, NY and Salem, MA, I moved back to Richmond to finish my degree in Classical Studies at Earlham College. I also took a few classes here, at IU East, and at Sinclair Community College, in Dayton. It’s good to be back and see so many of my old friends!

I love libraries above all else, of course, but I do have other interests, as well. My hobbies include drawing, guitar, songwriting, and reading books. Some of my drawings are here and here. Susan, my wife, loves oil painting and roller derby (her “real” name is Leadbetty).

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