Your Library on Facebook

Your Library on Facebook

One thing we really want to do here at the Library is be where our people are – not just physically, but on a deeper level, as well.  That’s why we’ve added things like informal instruction and the library living room to our more traditional offerings.  But we wanted those broad and diverse types of connections in the digital world, too.  People learn all different ways, and sometimes the old ways just don’t keep pace with today’s young scholars.

So we’re proud to announce the debut of the library’s new Facebook page!  Now you can have the convenience of interacting with the library, right beside your other Friends and Likes.  There are pictures and maps already up for patrons who plan to visit, and conversation and access for our distance learners and students who feel like coming into the library just isn’t for them.

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So come check us out at  Read about up-to-date news and events, write on our wall, post fan photos, friend us!  We can’t wait to interact with you in this exciting medium!

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