Intentional Spaces

Intentional Spaces

This year, while attending the annual American Library Association conference, graduate intern Sarah Gilchrist presented on “The Library Living Room: Creating Learning Relationships” (you can see her poster behind her in the picture).  Thousands of librarians from all over the country attend the ALA annual conference, and Sarah’s presentation gave us a chance to share with others the success of that unique learning environment, even as she learned about their new ideas.

 Sarah at ALA

The Library Living Room is a great space, and an excellent study or hang-out area for students (when classes aren’t running there!).  But it is just one of many intentional spaces in the library.  We’ve changed a lot of rooms in the library to better suit student needs and learning styles.  Spaces for music, nursing research, video production, education (including all our curriculum materials), and more.  And we’re not done with the changes yet!  We have more ideas that we’ll implement in the coming months.  (Watch this blog for more exciting developments!)

 Library Living Room

But all of this is for a purpose.  We would like to redefine the library’s relationship with students, to deliver the resources and services you need to be successful.  Because your learning is the most important thing.  We are a means to that end – and we seek to be the best means to that end.  So, please visit and see what all we have for you.  And feel free to share your ideas with us, too!

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