Study Spaces, Study Places

Study Spaces, Study Places


As exams and papers come due, you’re probably reaching the point in the semester when you need to do a lot of research.  There are lots of great spaces to be on campus – the Graf center, the Mikesell Plaza (when the weather is nice) – but those aren’t necessarily the best places to study.  For that, the library is your go-to destination.


But it’s not just quiet and easy access to reference sources that make the library great.  We have a lot of special facilities to make your study time better.  You may have checked out a study room in the library, either for yourself or for a small group.  Well, now the Library Living Room is also available to be reserved for groups of five or more, and can be checked out for two hours at a time (contact the circulation desk at 973-8311 to reserve it – please give us at least two hours notice so we can make sure the room is empty and ready for your group).  It’s an awesome informal space with comfortable furniture and no distractions.


If you’ve been back in our book stacks recently, you’ve noticed that we’ve added a number of new chairs and nooks to sit and study in peace and quiet.  From normal desks and tables to comfy couches and lounge chairs, we’ve got enough variety to meet anyone’s needs.  Maybe you already have your own special place!


Computers and wireless web access are available in any of these places, but in the back of the stacks we have a special computer for group work.  Our Collaboration Station features a big television-style monitor, but also has ports to connect up to four laptops into the computer.  It’s easy to share work, copying files from one computer to the other or effortlessly switching whose laptop screen is displayed on the monitor.  It’s simple to stay engaged and productive when it’s so easy and visible to share information and assignments.  Plus, it’s a great place to watch a film your professor may have assigned.  We have headphones you can use at the front desk.


Don’t worry about distractions at crunch time – the library’s here to do more than help you with your research.  We’re also a great place to do your whole project!


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