Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month


mind your health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and the theme this year is ‘Mind Your Health’, a look at how mental health works as a component of overall health.  The mind and the body influence each other, and caring for one benefits the other.  That’s a principle that education has long espoused – physical education classes and athletics programs work side-by-side with courses dedicated to science and math and literature and psychology and foreign language, because nurturing the mind benefits the body, and caring for the body helps cultivate an agile mind.

Your IU East Campus Library has lots of resources to help you learn about these topics – from the new fifth edition of the American Psychological Association’s mental health handbook, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (REF RC455.2.C4 D536 2013) to books like Mental Health: Facing the Challenges, Building Solutions by the World Health Organization, Help Yourself towards Mental Health by Courtenay Young, Learning about Mental Health Practice by Theo Stickley, Introducing Mental Health: A Practical Guide by Caroline Kinsella, or Mental Health Promotion: A Lifespan Approach by Mimi Cattan.

Additionally, the unique needs of students are explored in such books as Students’ Mental Health: Problems and Responses by Nicky Stanley or Mental Health Promotion in Schools by Raymond Waller.  And databases like PsycInfo, ProQuest Psychology, OxRef, and Wiley Online Library offer high quality, vetted articles appropriate both for deep scholarship or more casual personal enrichment.

Are you taking a class on psychology or mental health?  We have Libguides to help you get started on your research, such as P 211: Methods of Experimental Psychology , Behavioral and Social Sciences Senior Seminar, and PSY-P425 Behavior Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence.  Whatever your need, we’ve got something to help you.

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