Streaming Videos at the Campus Library: Kanopy Trial and AVON

Streaming Videos at the Campus Library: Kanopy Trial and AVON

The IU East Campus Library currently has a trial for the online streaming video platform called Kanopy.

Kanopy is a video streaming solution offering access to more than 30,000 documentaries, movies, and educational videos from thousands of producers such as Criterion Collection, PBS, Great Courses, Kino Lorber and more.

The platform is currently employed at more than 2,500 academic libraries globally, including many libraries, and within Indiana University at Northwest, South Bend, and Bloomington campuses.

Some of the benefits for IU East students and faculty to use Kanopy are:

  • Provide access without payment: conveniently open all or any of their broad collections with no upfront or required payment
  • Strategically acquire high-use films: Triggering a film requires 4 independent plays by users within 12 months (the average triggered film is watched over 50 times)
  • Enjoy low-use films free: films can be watched up to 4 times for free allowing us to support campus/class showings, research, etc. for free (on average, 20 films are watched for each 1 film triggered)
  • Films automatically set with public performance rights, so good for student clubs and group showings
  • Films can be embedded in Canvas and viewed simultaneously by multiple users at once
  • Faculty can easily create playlist of either films or film clips, depending on their needs

If you are interested in participating in the trial, you have until September 27th to test it out!

Do note that the trial version works best in a web browser, with Kanopy’s apps being designed for their fully launched platform.

To access the trial, please go to:

Follow the prompt for “Log in to IUE” and enter the following:

Username: iue

Password: access

The trial is scheduled to close on September 27, 2019. If you do test out Kanopy, please email Assistant Librarian of Access & Technical Services Beth South at about your experience. We want to know if you like it or not, how it can be of use to you and your classes, which films you are interested in, and so on.

Documentaries and educational videos are a great resource for classroom instruction and research. While we are testing out a possible new platform with Kanopy, which provides access to popular as well as documentary films, we do already have access to AVON (Academic Video Online). AVON is a multidisciplinary collection of videos that can meet a variety of curricular needs, such as counseling and therapy, dance, music, ethnographic studies, environmental studies, nursing, and education. They offer thousands of titles available now and 400 new titles added per month. AVON can be accessed from our A-Z List at

If there is a film you’re interested in showing for your class and you’re not sure if we have it or how to get it, contact Beth South at If you’re looking for film to use in your research or have any questions about a research topic, just Ask Us!

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