Financial Aid & Scholarships


Financial Aid Consortium Agreements are currently available between Indiana University East and other IU campuses as well as between IU East and Ivy Tech Community College Regions 6, 9 and 11


  • For purposes of this agreement, the "home" institution is considered to be the school from which the student will receive his/her degree. The non-degree granting school is considered to be the "host" institution.
  • Students may be eligible to receive financial aid for classes that they are enrolled in at the host institution.
  • Enrollment verifications for loan deferments, vocational rehabilitation benefits, and financial aid eligibility requirements are included in this agreement.
  • This agreement is not limited to preparatory coursework.
  • This agreement offers course scheduling flexibility by providing more course options to students at both institutions.
  • Students from both institutions are afforded the opportunity to take advantage of what each institution has to offer while using financial aid proceeds.


  • The home institution will process all financial aid and enrollment verifications.
  • The host institution agrees not to award financial aid nor will they process enrollment verifications.
  • The host institution agrees to notify the home institution of any changes in enrollment and/or non-attendance.
  • Aid will be processed for classes at the host institution only if one or more of the following criteria are met:
    • Coursework taken at the host institution must be applicable to degree requirements at the home institution. Applicability will be determined by the home institution.
    • Coursework taken at the host institution meets college preparatory requirements as determined by the home institution.
    • The student is enrolled in at least one class at the home institution.

Requirements for Processing

Financial aid for courses taken at the host institution will not be processed until one or more the criteria listed above are met.

  • This agreement does not extend to billing arrangements. Students must work with their respective bursar offices to arrange payment for courses.
  • This agreement does not impact any existing articulation agreements between the two schools nor does it impact any established transfer credit agreements.


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