M.A. in English

Enjoy small class sizes, work with award-winning faculty, and tailor a degree program that fits your own interests, strengths, as well as personal and professional goals. The program provides an academic foundation suitable for a wide range of careers in areas such as professional writing, editing, administration, technology, and management. Graduates interested in post-secondary teaching options will be qualified to teach full- or part-time in community colleges and in four-year colleges and universities and to teach dual-credit courses in high schools. Part-time college teachers seeking advanced training, and individuals who wish to strengthen their knowledge of writing, rhetoric and literary studies for other professional or personal reasons would benefit as well.

The program of study of the M.A. in English is designed to meet the needs of current holders of a bachelor’s degree in English, Education, Communication, Humanities, or a related field. Some are full-time teachers. Students have the option of taking a full-time or part-time program. Full-time students complete the course work within four semesters, including one summer. Part-time students complete the course work within six to eight semesters, depending on the amount of summer work. The program is particularly attractive to students in our region who need a program that is nearby.

Program Features

  • A regionally available, affordable IU graduate degree
  • An individualized program designed to suit your needs
  • Face to face courses with some electives 100% online
  • Two required courses with additional courses selected to meet individual goals
  • Engaged faculty with diverse teaching, research, and creative interests

Degree Description

The M.A. in English offers students a program that can be shaped to individual goals. Students work closely with an English faculty advisor to develop a program of study created to meet particular goals. The Master of Arts in English requires the following: (1) The required foundational course ENG L506 Introduction to Methods of Criticism and Research, (2) Elective courses chosen from among literature, writing, and rhetoric in consultation with an advisor, (3) a capstone project completed in W609, (4) a program final completion portfolio. The degree provides structured learning, a supportive atmosphere, and scheduling sensitive to students’ needs for evening courses, particularly for the region of the state we serve, where there are issues of distance preventing students from pursuing an M.A. program within commutable distances. Many of our students live some 40 minutes from campus and work full time. The M.A. in English is evaluated through an ongoing assessment and revised in accordance with results for a program of continued excellence.

Program Courses

Required Courses (8 credit hours)

  • ENG L506 Introduction to Methods of Criticism and Research (4 cr.)
  • ENG W609 Independent Writing Project (4 cr.)


Elective Courses (28 credit hours)

  • ENG D600 History of the English Language (4 cr.)
  • ENG G500 Intro. to the English Language (4 cr.)
  • ENG G552 Linguistics and the Teacher of English (4 cr.)
  • ENG G652 English Language Sociolinguistics (4 cr.)
  • ENG G660 Stylistics (4 cr.)
  • ENG L553 Studies in Literature (4 cr.)
  • ENG L590 Internship in English (4 cr.) Arranged course.
  • ENG L608 History of Literary Criticism from 1750 to 1960 (4 cr.)
  • ENG L625 Shakespeare (4 cr.)
  • ENG L631 English Literature 1660-1790 (4 cr.)
  • ENG L635 Readings in American Ethnic Literature and Culture (4 cr.)
  • ENG L641 English Literature 1790-1900 (4 cr.)
  • ENG L643 Readings in Colonial and Postcolonial Literature (4 cr.)
  • ENG L646 Readings in Media/Literature/Culture (4 cr.)
  • ENG L649 British Literature since 1900 (4 cr.)
  • ENG L651 American Literature 1609-1800 (4 cr.)
  • ENG L653 American Literature 1800-1900 (4 cr.)
  • ENG L655 American Literature and Culture 1900-1945 (4 cr.)
  • ENG L666 Survey of Children's Literature (4 cr.)
  • ENG L680 Special Topics in Literature (4 cr.)
  • ENG L682 Topics in Children's Literature
  • ENG W500 Issues in Teaching Writing (4 cr.)
  • ENG W501 Teaching College Writing (4 cr.)
  • ENG W507 Graduate Creative Nonfiction Writing (4 cr.)
  • ENG W509 Writing and Literary Studies
  • ENG W511 Advanced Fiction Writing (4 cr.)
  • ENG W513 Writing Poetry (4 cr.)
  • ENG W590 Teaching Composition: Theories and Application (4 cr.)
  • ENG W600 Topics in Rhetoric and Composition (4 cr.)
  • ENG W620 Advanced Argumentative Writing (4 cr.)
  • ENG W680 Craft of Writing (4 cr.)
  • ENG W682 Special Topics: Rhetoric & Composition (4 cr.)

Note: Other courses may apply toward the degree as approved by the degree program advisors.

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