Certificate of Pure Mathematics (15 cr)

The Undergraduate Certificate in Pure Mathematics is a program consisting of 15 credit hours of undergraduate credit in Mathematics. The purpose of an Undergraduate Certificate in Pure Mathematics is to provide students with the opportunity to enhance their career with a strong background in pure mathematics and strengthen the credentials of students who wish to go to graduate school and job market. The curriculum of the program consists of upper-level undergraduate pure mathematics courses and goes beyond the level of Calculus I, II and III. In particular, the required pure mathematics courses provide students with a building block when they pursue deeper study at graduate school.

The Certificate consists of 15 credit hours in mathematics at the undergraduate level following the Calculus Sequence. For the purpose of this program, an undergraduate course is any MATH-M course at the 300 or 400-level.

Core Required Courses (12 cr)  

Elective Courses (3 cr).

The remaining 3 credit hours must be selected from among the courses below.

  • MATH-M 313 Elementary Differential Equations with Applications (3)
  • MATH-M 404 Introduction to Modern Algebra II (3)
  • MATH-M 405 Number Theory (3)
  • MATH-M 414 Introduction to Analysis II (3)
  • MATH-M 415 Elementary Complex Variables (3)
  • MATH-M 421 Introduction to Topology (3)
  • MATH-M 463 Introduction to Probability Theory I (3)

Note that MATH-M 393 (Bridge to Abstract Mathematics) is a prerequisite for most 400 level classes. Unless the student has taken M393 recently or is familiar with standard proof techniques, he or she will be required to take the class prior to enrolling in any of the 400 level courses.

Admission Requirements

  • All students must have completed the courses in the Calculus sequence MATH-M 215, MATH-M 216, MATH-M 311, or its equivalent;
  • In addition, transfer students must meet the general campus admissions standards as a degree seeking transfer student.

For further information, please contact:

Young You

Young You
  • Associate Professor, Mathematics
  • Coordinator, Department of Mathematics, School of Natural Science and Mathematics
  • 765-973-8417
  • Whitewater Hall 256
  • Faculty Profile

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