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The Honors Program Online - New in 2017!

IU East Honors Program Student at Computer.Available to any Distance Ed undergraduate student with 4 remaining semesters of coursework.

The Honors Program is an intellectually enriched curriculum for highly motivated students, allowing them to demonstrate academic excellence through Honors coursework, independent research, creative work, service-learning, and extra-curricular opportunities. The Online Honors Program creates a personally challenging curriculum as well as a close, mentally stimulating, and engaged community. Its goal is to foster and create students who are:

  • Culturally well-rounded
  • Strong researchers
  • Academic leaders
  • Good citizens in the community and at college.


Get recognized for the hard work you already do, and enjoy these other benefits.

Faculty Ties

While in the program, students work more closely with faculty doing Honors course work. These relationships can help in future endeavors (letters of recommendation, etc.) and last a lifetime!

Curriculum Control

Through H-options and a senior thesis, students can pursue scholarship that is personally meaningful, sculpting the college experience to their own interests and ambitions.

Honors Club

While in the program, students are also members of the Honors Club which coordinates fun, informal, and exciting events for students; though coordinated by campus students, online students are welcome to contribute ideas and attend events as they are able.

Conference Opportunities

Students can attend and even present papers at the Mid-East Honors Association annual conference for unique presentation experience for your resumé.


Honors scholarships recognize the active participation of students already in the program.


Completion of the program is reflected on the student’s transcript, recognition at a special awards ceremony, and at graduation.


Graduation from an Honors Program gives students added advantages to getting into graduate schools and acquiring good jobs.

Curriculum Requirements

Academic Requirements

  • HON-H 209 Introduction to Honors Program (3 credits): “Honors Students as Global Citizens.”
    • This class is a gateway class into the Honors Program, introducing new DE and returning Honors students to Honors priorities.  Taught online, it is a special topics course focused on some aspect of global awareness, normally taught by the Honors Director.
  • 15 credit hours of H-option courses:
    • An Honors student takes five of their online courses as “H-option” (or at least 15 credits) which involves creating an exciting addition or alternative to class work as agreed upon by the student and instructor. Here are some examples of popular H-option work:
      • an extended research opportunity to replace an existing assignment
      • a small service-learning assignment applying course content in the community
      • delivery of independent reading or research to the class in a creative way
  • HON-H 499 Honors Senior Thesis/Project (3-6 credits):
    • In the student’s late junior or early senior year, he/she should enroll in H499 with a faculty mentor as a one-semester independent study to complete the honors project. The sky’s the limit so Plan something of great interest to yourself, something you have always wanted to do, something that you want to commit your energies to for many months.

Extra-curricular Requirements

  • Culture: To become culturally well-rounded and good citizens in the community, Honors students are required to experience five extra-curricular cultural activities.
  • Participation: Honors students need to participate in an Honors program activity once every semester.

For online students, Culture and Participation may be accomplished in several ways. If a Program culture trip occurs close to your vicinity, you are welcome to join it and meet the participation/culture requirement in this way.  There will also be pre-recorded and streaming culture viewings with required forum participation as options, and other ways to “participate” every semester. More information and options will be given to students once in the program.

Culminating Portfolio

Culminating Portfolio, containing all of the student’s Honors work submitted in the middle of your final semester; the Honors Committee approves it and you graduate from the Honors Program!


For more information, email We welcome you to the Program!

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