Online Bachelors of Applied Science

Program Description

In order to be admitted to the Bachelor of Applied Science program, you must hold an Associate of Applied Science from a regionally accredited institution.

Note: Ivy Tech is a regionally accredited institution.

This program can be pursued in either an online or face-to-face option (some online courses might be required for certain B.A.S. tracks).

To graduate with the B.A.S., you must complete a total of 120 credit hours, broken down as follows:

  • General Education Courses (30 to 42 credit hours)
    • Some will likely transfer in from your A.A.S.; you will complete the rest through IU.
  • Applied Science Courses (48 to 51 credit hours)
    • These will all be transferred in from your A.A.S.
  • B.A.S. Core Courses (18 credit hours)
    • You will take all of these from IU. Read more below.
  • B.A.S. Track Courses (12 credit hours)
    • You will take all of these from IU. Read more below.
  • Electives (0 to 12 credit hours)
    • Some will likely transfer in from your A.A.S.; you will complete the rest through IU.

B.A.S. Core Courses and B.A.S. Track Courses

You fulfill all of the requirements for the B.A.S. core and the B.A.S. tracks with courses from Indiana University. Rather than choosing from a specific list of courses, you have the flexibility to choose from a range of courses that meet defined learning outcomes.

B.A.S. Core Courses

To fulfill the requirements of the B.A.S. core, you take courses that prepare you to demonstrate knowledge and skills in

  • accounting and bookkeeping;
  • economics;
  • legal, ethical, social, and/or international topics;
  • supervision;
  • marketing;
  • communication.

B.A.S. Track Courses

As a B.A.S. student, you must choose from one of two tracks: health care management and individualized.

You take courses related to the track you choose. These include a capstone course that helps you integrate what you have learned.

Health Care Track

The health care management track may appeal to you if you hold an A.A.S. in one of the many health care fields, such as medical assisting, health care support, paramedic science, and medical laboratory technology.

As a student in this track, you take courses that prepare you to

  • compare and contrast the U.S. health care system (including reimbursement) with other systems around the world;
  • demonstrate an understanding of the ethical, legal, financial, and political factors that influence the provision of health services in the United States;
  • evaluate access to, and the cost of, U.S. health care (including reimbursement practices) for different types of care;
  • effectively assess and implement improvements in clinical care, customer service, and human resource planning in a health care setting;
  • integrate knowledge and skills and apply to health management issues or challenges. This is the capstone course.
Individualized Track

Choose the individualized track if you hold an A.A.S. in a field other than health care. The individualized track is highly flexible. As a student in the track, you take courses based on your interests, backgrounds, and needs. These courses prepare you to

  • demonstrate your ability to think critically in the fields studies;
  • effectively present central ideas, issues, and methods of inquiry specific to the fields studied;
  • apply knowledge and skills from general education, the B.A.S. core, and the individualized track to issues or challenges in your area of technical expertise.
The following examples show how you might tailor this track to meet your individual needs:
  • If you have an A.A.S. in Criminal Justice and want to advance your career in criminal justice, you might work with your advisor to design an individualized track that includes 300- and 400-level courses in criminal justice, public affairs, psychology, and sociology.
  • If you have an A.A.S. in Design Technology and want to change careers, you might select courses in web development and graphic design.

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