Safety App: Rave Guardian

Be proactive about your safety

IU East now offers a free safety app with tools to help you stay safe both on and off-campus.

With the app you can:

  • Quick tap to call the IU East Police Department (IUPD-East) or 911.
  • Set up a safe walk timer to notify select friends and family if your walk home or run/hike/etc takes longer than it should.
  • See something suspicious around campus? Send a tip to IUPD-East anonymously.
  • Get push notifications during a campus emergency (in addition to those provided by IU-Notify); plus, see past notifications in the inbox.
  • Access a phonebook of important public safety numbers in case you need to call.

Watch an overview of the app's features

Description of the video:

Be safe with... Rave Guardian.

A free personal safety mobile app for IU students, faculty and staff. (Screenshot of app home page with buttons for 'Inbox', 'Safe Walk Timer', 'IUPD - Tips via Text', 'IU Police', 'Important numbers', 'Important Links', and 'call 911')

Get emergency help (Image of the 'Call 911' button available in-app and an animation of example emergency situations including a cooking fire, a car wreck, theft, and a swarm of wasps.)

Non-emergency? Tap for IU Police. (Image of the 'IU Police' button available in-app and an animation of a young woman feeling uncomfortable in the presence of a construction worker looking at her.)

Or directly access all public safety numbers. (Image of the 'Important numbers' button available in-app and an animation showing examples of public safety officials that can be reached, including a police officer, fireman, and traffic safety official.)

Just looking for information? Tap and link! (Image of the 'Important Links' button available in-app)

There's even a virtual safe walk timer to be used when alone, anytime, anywhere and allows the virtual escort to be friends and family. (Image of the 'Safe Walk Timer' button and animation of young woman walking alone and night, then running alone during the day, followed by an image of her embracing friends.)

See something suspcious? Say something! Submit a tip anonymously. (Image of the 'IUPD - Tips via Text' button available in-app.)

Rave Guardian; a free download from the app store. - all the ways to keep you safe!