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Section 1 - Admission, Academic Standards and Grading

Academic Forgiveness Policy 2006 MS Word format
Academic Standards Policy 2009 MS Word format
Admission Policy 2007 MS Word format
Attendance and Admin. Withdrawal 2008 MS Word format
Drop and Add Policy 2011 MS Word format
Grade Appeals Policy 2010 MS Word format
Grades and Grading Policies 2009 MS Word Format
Grade Replacement Policy 2015 MS Word Format
Prior Learning Assessment Policy 2017 MS Word Format
Undergraduate Pass/Fail Policy 2012 MS Word Format
Section 2 - Courses, Curriculum and Degree Requirements
Audit Policy 1995 MS Word format
Deviations from Degree Requirements 2010 MS Word format
First Year Seminar Policy 2010 MS Word
Institutional Program Requirements Policy 2010 MS Word format
Math Exemption 2001  
Second Baccalaureate Degree Policy 2010 MS Word format
Jointly Offered Course Policy 2006 MS Word format

Section 3 - Student Rights and Responsibilites

Classroom Policies 2009 MS Word format
Policy on Hazing 2011 MS Word format
Privacy of Student Records 2009 MS Word format
Religious Observances Policy 2009

MS Word format

Standards of Student Conduct Policy 2009 MS Word format
Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct 2005 A Policy of the Board of Trustees
IU East Procedures for the Student Code 2011 MS Word format

Section 4 - Athletics and Campus Life

Athletics Committee Policy 2011 MS Word format
Athletes, Academic Eligibility 2009 MS Word format
Athletes, Excused Absences 2008 MS Word format
Student Athlete/Instructor Agreement Form 2012 MS Word format

* Policy listed with the date of most recent Faculty Senate action.

Revised: July 21, 2017