Student Research Day

Student Research Day

Student Research Day is a special event for students to showcase their work and for the campus to celebrate their achievements. By recognizing the hard work of our student scholars, we hope to validate their extraordinary efforts and to inspire others to follow in their paths of excellence in research, academia, and creative work. Likewise, we hope Student Research Day will provide an excellent opportunity for parents and family members to come to campus and participate in the celebration of scholarly growth and success.

Student Research Day began nearly two decades ago as an afternoon of presentations of the Summer Research Scholars (SUMRS) work only. Over the years, significant enhancements have been made to the program. The event still showcases SUMRS work, but now engages both undergraduate and graduate student researchers and artists from all of the schools, and includes not only traditional research projects, but also those in art, music, professional development, and the applied sciences. In total, the event is a celebration of student scholarly and creative works throughout the campus.

This year, Student Research Day will have both virtual and live, in-person components. All projects will be submitted and judged virtually through a Student Research Day Canvas site. Permission to that site will be granted and other communications will begin after a student’s proposal form is accepted. Once all presentations are judged, winners will be invited to attend a panel discussion at the live ceremony which will be held in Vivian Auditorium and broadcasted live through Facebook beginning at 2 p.m. Eastern Time on Friday, April 7, 2023. For more information and helpful tips related to proposal forms, please see this video:

Student Research Day: Submitting Proposals and Presentations

Submitting a Kaltura Video

Presentation Types

Poster. Poster presentations consist of one PowerPoint presentation, laid out like a poster, that captures critical project components (topic, methodology, and findings) with light narration. Light narration means including a two- or three-minute oral recording that emphasizes and enhances key points. In addition to the poster slide, the PowerPoint must also contain an introductory slide that includes the presenter’s name and course, along with a References or Works Cited slide. For more information and helpful tips, please see this video:

Student Research Day: Poster Presentations

Oral. Oral presentations consist of one video, uploaded and submitted through Kaltura MediaSpace. In the video, the presenter will give a professional seven- to ten-minute speech about their main issue or question posed, the methodology they used to procure their findings, the findings themselves, and the presenter’s reflection upon their work. For more information and helpful tips, please see these videos:

Student Research Day: Oral Presentations

SUMRS Showcase. The SUMRS Showcase is a special category designed for SUMRS Scholars to present their work. Presentations in the SUMRS Showcase must be submitted as oral presentations, but they will be judged separately from other oral presentations.

Honors Showcase. The Honors Showcase is a special category designed for Honors Program seniors to present their HON-H499 thesis projects. Presentations in the Honors Showcase must be submitted as oral presentations, but they will be judged separately from other oral presentations.

2022 Presentation


Proposals forms. All proposal forms must be submitted by Wednesday, March 1, 2023 to be considered.

Presentations. All poster and oral presentations must be submitted in the required format to the Student Research Day Canvas site by Wednesday, March 15, 2023 to be judged.

Graduate Student Tracks

Graduate Student Tracks are offered for students who graduate between the previous and current Student Research Day events to give them an opportunity to present work. However, awards are only granted to students currently enrolled at the university.


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