Indiana University East Professional Council

Article I
The Professional Staff

  • Section 1
    • The Professional Staff
      The Professional staff shall consist of those employees appointed as professionals employed at the Richmond campus or affiliated sites.
  • Section 2
    • Certification of Members
      Certification of persons qualifying under the definition of Section 1 shall be made by the Human Resources Department.

Article II
The Professional Council at Indiana University East

  • Section 1
    • Representation
      All Indiana University East professional staff and other professional staff on the Richmond campus or affiliated sites shall be considered eligible for membership in the Indiana University East Professional Council, hereinafter referred to as the "Council."
  • Section 2
    • Active Membership
      Active Membership shall be defined as those eligible for membership who have been in attendance at a minimum of one of the regularly scheduled convened meetings during a fiscal year.
  • Section 3
    • Voting Membership
      All active members present at a meeting where a vote is called for are eligible to participate in the vote.
  • Section 4
    • Purpose of Professional Council
      The Council shall promote the value of professional staff in helping the University in the attainment of its goals and objectives. The Council shall provide professional staff members with a means of representative participation through recommendations and advice in the formulation of policies and the resolution of issues affecting the general welfare of, the working conditions of, and the services rendered by the professional staff of the University. The Council shall submit formal proposals to the Chancellor. The Council shall provide a medium of exchange of information relating to the interests of the employees, students, and those of the administration. The Council shall encourage the opportunity for continuing professional development for the professional staff.
  • Section 5
    • Meetings
      The Council shall meet at least six (6) times during the fiscal year. Council meetings shall be open to non-members who will not be granted voting privileges.
  • Section 6
    • Policy Functions
      All matters appropriate to the purpose of the Council may be reviewed for recommendations as needed by the Council.
  • Section 7
    • Administrative Functions
      The Council shall have administrative powers to carry out its functions and to adopt its own by-laws.
  • Section 8
    • Organization
      The Council shall elect a President and a President-Elect as well as a Secretary/Treasurer. A Parliamentarian shall be appointed by the Executive Committee of the Council.

Article III
Definition of the Executive Board

  • Section 1
    • Executive Board
      Any member of the Professional Council shall be given the opportunity to be considered for any position within the Professional Council Executive Board. No person shall be allowed to hold more than one position on the Executive Committee of the Council.
  • Section 2
    • President
      The President is an active member of the Council Executive body. The President shall be responsible for calling and presiding over all Council meetings. She/He is responsible for setting and distributing the agenda for each meeting. The President represents the Council at university functions as well as constituent organizations. She/He will not have voting privileges except in the case of a tie vote where the president shall cast the deciding vote. The President shall be responsible for developing ad hoc committees as needed to address specific issues or concerns.  The President shall provide leadership for the Professional Council within the Indiana University East community.
  • Section 3
    • Secretary / Treasurer
      The Secretary/Treasurer is an active member of the Council Executive board. She/He is responsible for keeping attendance records of the Council. The Secretary/Treasurer shall be responsible for taking minutes during every meeting. She/He shall be responsible for distributing copies of such minutes to all active members of the Council as well as to appropriate constituent groups. The Secretary/Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining accurate records of the financial account. She/He shall make this information available to all active members during the Council meetings. The Secretary/Treasurer shall have voting privileges within the Council.
  • Section 5
    • Parliamentarian
      The Parliamentarian shall be an active member of the Executive Council. The Parliamentarian shall be responsible for ensuring Roberts' Rules of Order are followed during the Council meetings. She/He shall have the final say in all questions regarding the use of Roberts's Rules of Order. She/He will ensure that the Council is held to the policies set forth by this constitution. The Parliamentarian will ensure that every active member of the Professional Council will be given a copy of the most current constitution. She/He shall have voting privileges within the Council.

Article IV
Origination of Matters for Council Attention

  • Section 1
    • Matters for Council Attention
      Matters for attention may be submitted in writing to the Secretary/Treasurer or President of the Council and may originate from any members of the Indiana University East community.

Article V

  • Section 1
    • Initiated by the Council
      a motion to amend this constitution may be presented to and discussed by the Council. The Council must approve constitutional amendments by a two-thirds majority vote of the voting membership.

Article VI

  • Section 1
    • Ad Hoc Committees
      Ad hoc committees shall be formed by the Council President in order to address specific issues or concerns facing the professional staff. Ad hoc committees shall be formed only on an as-needed basis. They shall give their reports directly to the President for presentation to the council.